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Monday, January 27, 2014

1976 PSA on Graffitti Shared by Wil Wheaton

Oh good grief.
This IS the same PSA we ripped to shreds when I was 11.
The school was planning what we'd do for the Bicentennial and Buckingham Elementary school, had the kids paint the fence separating the neighbors and the school yard.  The school side of it was donated by the neighbors who owned it.
And it was meant to stay there until it fell over.
I didn't get the "Me and My RC" skateboard until later.
Mr. Sneaky overdid it on purpose, we thought.
For sure, those kids were gonna get wailed on, or it was an ordinary thing with them.

Outside the DC Beltway, we saw some suburban crazy, you would not believe.
They painted the fire hydrants to look like minute men
They changed the street names to "Betsy Ross"
We already had a Buckingham Elementary school with it's own name.
Roots came out, (the book) and Dad went on a mission....couldn't get past great grandad, so I'm working on it.
1982 or so
The movie was still getting it's ass kicked... and kids were skating, break dancing, pop-rocking and of course, competing on a low school budget income.

The kids at "Duke Ellington School of the Arts" did a show on the same thing and they came RIGHT FOR US!
I couldn't resist.
I hated my voice.  But I wasn't interested in being in FRONT of the camera.
It was the production gear!  yeah, buddy!
(everybody sing the "I got no MIDI in Levittown blues")
I think it was called, "In Our Lives" and the host was so kewl, we invited him to Ocean City.  I forgot the other topic, but my answer was quality over quantity.

So, in 1989 when Metallica was on it's "And Justice for All" tour, the bible thumpers roamed the crap laying around, nobody cared about,
put it on the news.  "It's SATANIC! "
*gasp wheeze*
We knew who's little skater-boy brother tagged it and laughed our asses off.  Called the station...laughed at them.
No internet, No retraction...
BBS's didn't let it go tho.

I haven't seen the one Bowie High did back then.  We had it on a tape that probably got turned into a soap-bopper.

Dammit, Will Wheaton!
No, thanks. 
I needed a break AND a good laugh.

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