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Friday, January 24, 2014

Good Grief, enuf of your SORRys! ...or whatever that was

Glenn Beck: I Played A Role In 'Helping Tear The Country Apart'

IDK if there was an actual apology in there..
You know it when you feel it .....
They rely on words....very small ones.

I've had to work for slime like that, to the dismay of all the hard work and counterproductive, useless indoctrinations,
I put in a concerted effort to AVOID their kind!
IGNORANT people should not be tasked to do things.
Lyin assed town crier.
"They're after your STUFF!  OMG, MERCY ME!, NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY"
We get it, you're evil.
I had too much respect for my dreams to do something half-assed for a living!
I believe in the logic of learning as you go and would you morons quit killing my chances 2 hours before I've caught my breath?!

I had NO idea how low the bar had fallen and no clue how to approach positions with lots of digits, and no way around it with a jacked up resume, that SHOULD have said "Cambridge"
(but I've got an app for that)...but they've taken over THAT sandbox too.

Thanks to minions of that minion, slandering me and mine, at every opportunity and from every angle until they tell me I should hate a 1/3 of myself and dig themselves into a mess we used to call FUBAR.

And there were FAR too many of my own pointing their OWN project-o-nometers in my face.
My experience with this kind of "Well, you're NOT one of THOSE negroes, so no offense intended"
is long and undistinguished.
The higher the greed, the lower the value of life and every kind of greed applies.

There are bigots in the media destroying the moral of this country, no offense.
They're useless to any kind of growth that contributes to the man you wouldn't even vote for, no offense....I'm just calling them as I see them.
And with a limited view they MUST spew from the hole they've dug their head into, no offense,
and I do wish they'd consider removing themselves from all things USEFUL until the next time the earth shakes.

Useless people should not be allowed to do things and if the states can't get it together and be a part of the UNITED States of American dream, don't whine to me that your civil rights have been violated because you can't find a Starbuck's latte for lack of knowing any better.
BTW, if you furlough FAA, the Starbucks does NOT open for the essential people reporting for their volunteer work.  No, they don't get paid more, they are essential.
Every time an embassy got hit, we didn't see Dad until his part was handled, but his mortgage was around 200$ and I can't believe he moaned about it.

and I take GREAT offense to that PO flaming S, putting the entire middle class on red alert against people he absolutely NOTHING about...and didn't even bother when he had every means to remedy that jacked up situation.
Where is YOUR SIGN?!

He's the #1 wannabe minion of Boogieman Inc
If you see a small business owner give you that vibe when you walk in their store, chances are they're a wage-gapping disciple of this guy....
He who gives them justification do to NOTHING
for anybody they can't see in the mirror.
FEAR the rest...just in case.

I'm sure there was some local police report that picked up on that fart I let off in the high school breezeway..and went on to claim I'd caused some kind of violation against infecting their air because the flatulations emitted from people of color was a detriment to white society.
And what did he say?
"Gee, I didn't know the country was so wimpy"

Are you KIDDING me?
Until I see him pucker up as the POTUS bends over.... "OBAMACRAT" will be the buzz of the millenium and I have days I want to capitalize something at POTUS, but come on now!
 Until he opens those beady little eyes and gets a clue.....but the lifespan is not linear and I am so sick of sorry' mm mm
IDKY those persons refuse to spay or neuter their PETS!

(grrr, have to fix later)

I'm working on a machinima for this on....
but voice is down for the moment.....
shoveling things off this hard drive...trying not to fuck up and delete footage I intended to keep...adding some quick and dirties in order to demonstrate various uses for the technology we've been building for the past 10 years while being disabled, put off, chronically unemployed MORONS who used to pay millions for our premium services.
 So, because I'm embracing the idea of making the distinction between the "poor" and the "broke"..but unenlightened, aggressively ignorant assholes who couldn't be bothered to educate himself with actual KNOWLEDGE.

 And with this rant, I'm sharing some music that has been kicking my ass all day with so much real heart and value, I haven't wanted anything else around but the sound of a REAL man, on a REAL mission...

I know the PAIN of having gifts that have no marketable value to the spiritually impaired.
You want me to hate you... I so can't be bothered.
You bloviating ignoramus.
/me swats a diseased mosquito and a monk would probably have something to say about that.
 I'm so not there yet.
but the boat anchors have GOT to go....

This is not a race war...
This is a battle of wits and talent...
enough of your sorrys...we KNOW...yous a sorry individual.
But the pain and suffering your poison causes good hearted people...
So..  we see you still have no real feelings about what you've done....
Well, hot shot....

I'm not finished....and can't be bothered with the minion of the minion of the Boogeyman, Inc axis of who gives a fuzzy rat's ass aboutcha.

It only works when there is an enviable quality about the person.
When I ask people confused as hell....what they see in you..
"Oh, yeah...he's wrong a lot....but he's just so passionate!"

about what......EVIL?

Anyone drawing that much power has a DEVOUT OCCUPATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY for what comes out of their mouths.

get over ourself, I used those exact words when I spoke at a Unitarian Church in Fargo about Occupy and why the media had blacked it out.

Yeah...there's an Occupy Fargo and after OWS and Chi rose up...  I ran down to the coffeehouse to have a little talk with them.

I knew they didn't know shit enough to put it into context....and tried to catch them up to what was going on in class of Reaganomix....they're GOD of all things WTF?

 They million dollar houses hardly twice the size of a Levittown Colonial, and I'm laughin....
And they're worrying me with...  "Here's the form to see about your GED....."

Meanwhile, Mini-me had her spiritual growth GROWNDED by those NDN country Churches you can see from each other.

Lying to my child who knew better....I had her reading by age 3, beating me by a year and by 6, reading to her Great Grandmother, living out her final days in the comfort of Dad's place off a golf course near Cape Hattaras....

The stepmother's memoirs say, "Oh....she's traveling.... and blames my spirituality...."  She's a humanist....still bragging about how much she gives to charities and donating Dad's library to the library after I'd set aside all of his quantum science books, eastern philosophy books, ...they'd already gotten rid of the Edgar Cayce series he loved and the man wrote notes in his was the best way into that brain....sometimes....usually....sigh 
But we did connect on a really cool plane, but I still can't understand why he thought I was such a moron?  or evil...
Oh right..  stepmother from Hackensack.  Mother passed and that bobble head sent some Beck to Howard...while I lost my dormroom at Loyola.  My grandparents went to Howard, and I was raised "black-curious".....  so I didn't want to think about fighting off bigger versions of some of the guys from school.

Yeah, I said "guys"...  I'm sick of it.
To the tune of having a sailor HAND me 3 cards in the Navy because I couldn't believe in the stereotype.

1. black  2. woman  3. intelligent.......and the obvious.. there was no way in hell they were going to bend me over after A school.

What happens to a 6ft+ marine who used to be a friend, can't keep his hands to himself in front of my class?  (after being humiliated by the phase II instructors who couldn't form the words, "I don't know" when it was one of those PFM attributes of some half

There is more to LIFE than
I got mine, where's yours
and that attitude of
I have the blah-dy blah-dy RIGHT to be a little bitch like a scraped knee, with NO 
I'm a GOOD man because it's all legal

NO, you're just an ASSHOLE

▶ Famous Landmark Documentary On Racism In A United States Neighborhood / Video Film - YouTube

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