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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Younger military veterans are angered by budget cuts to their pension benefits

---A few comments I've saved from conversations on this subject....

I could go back farther, but let's talk about the Class of Bobblehead-o-Nomics.
1. They crashed the market so our folks couldn't afford college.
2. They took our survival benefits and promised the internet would provide a decent education, but people

knew that after slavery, the best chance to become educated, paid and fed, was in the military.  They

created the Buffalo Soldiers to chase off the NDN nations.
3.  With their tax breaks, they promised education in real colleges, ecology updates, OSHA compliance,

DAY CARE CENTERS, and the whole enchilada.  We knew they were FOS and they did NOT dissapoint.

They tried to argue that money was a better motivator than actual success.  smdh  We knew better and

here we are.....exploited, poisoned, cheated, just as per their greedy nature.
3.  When we were on the rise, they yanked us ALL down with their "great equalizer" mentality and when

we finally started catching, they sold the wage-gapped jobs we managed to get.
Instead of helping the middle be stronger, they chose to educate ONLY the very rich and very poor,

which is a perfect model from a slave mentality.
By dropping the bar with cheap certs, degrees and years of expertise was undercut by kids literally off a

drive-thru window, laughing at us for working hard- FUVM.
4. In the 50s, they at least came together with affordable housing.  With both parents working, Dad's

GS-15 30yr pension was 3x my best working salary.
I paid 5x his monthly note.  In 2000, I was earning 2x the average neighorhood HOUSEHOLD income.
It's not like we haven't done this before, remember "Gung Ho", "Fun with Dick and Jane" and "Son of

Flubber"? Levittown, when real Congress knew it was unpatriotic if an E-4 couldn't afford a home?
If they want to pine for the old days, PINE FOR THAT and stop treating us like baby boomer afterbirth!

 They won't let things grow organically or honestly and we're literally SICK of it!
Get ur head out of your A$$!
We deserve the best of much better!
Our folks paid serious taxes.  If they were really conservative, why didn't they INVEST it and build?

Dad used to say, "What happened to your allowance?"
Of 80s defense spending, we already looked like "A sledgehammer looming over a butterfly".  Kids raised

to be seen and not heard had working ears....apparently.

Did you know they cut survival benefits to age 18 so we couldn't go to college?  The teen suicide rate and

drunk driving deaths skyrocked because we were raised to know that education was our only chance!

Those with no college plans were depending on us for jobs!
The first to come after us was West Point!  I had a room at Loyola waiting for me.  That went away and

so did I, for awhile, but eventually, my only option was the military and that shrub dragged us into a

war. .  
The 80s were full of lame arguments when we Bowie High's SGA was singing "Flipper" at Ron Paul.   They

expected us to believe they'd offer real education with the new internet technologies.....HA!...after

declaring ketchup a vegetable while another school enjoyed a fresh salad bar?  They gouged into the

middle class and still trying to get blood out of a turnip.
And they've used all of the nasty fear-mongering tricks like clockwork and think we're oblivious to it,

black/brown people, women, gays and their $anta God, as if Jesus wanted a religion in the first place.
I'm so sick of technology following porn because of their disgusting, selfish, low-classed nature.  But now

it's out there...all over the world.  Look at the vile things they project on the rest of We the

People....twisted much?  It's clear Congress needs a full-blown re-org.
They're trying to apply a slave-days colonial mentality to a tribal governing model and blowing it

This is a republic... the UNITED States of America, not USA, Inc.
Shredding disability paperwork helped keep the unemployment rates higher than normal. Last year, they approved over a million claims and still backlogged. That means there are a million veterans OFF the unemployment list and on the disability list. Sick, huh? Imagine how many civilians were also denied and trying to work through their disabilities in a jacked up, wage-gapped, hostile work environment.

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