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Monday, January 27, 2014

Fox News Still won't bury itself.....

If you had internet at work, Fox (a deceiver in Japanese anime) was dumped by geeknation before the first season of the Simpsons was over..
The "objective alternative" put actresses instead of journalists in front of a camera, reading off the AP.
Well, by then, we'd read AP, BBC, NPR, EIEIO and discussed the actually happenings in the AOL chatrooms....all day while doing work, far beneath our mental capacities good deal with, while compartmentalizing our brains to multitask as women were used to doing at home.
Many of us are left handed, or ambidextrous and artistic people have a different motivation. 
If you were an artist that expected to eat, you needed a trade to support it, since the government was more busy blowing up things, than reasoning with people around the world.
I guess we broke it because they tried to fill in with sensationalism, while we'd already yucked it up all day and people from work were hearing it for the first time.
When the phones went down, we were into the 4th year of layoffs and 3 years hunting, trying to get off the corporate plantation.
We knew the jobs were fillers, because Y2K was known for decades, and we figured it out on the back end.....they were desperate to create jobs and what we were doing was filling up knowledge bases, backed up on servers, to be shipped off to the highest bidders.
When I missed a memo and found out we were surfing Google, instead of our own knowledge bases..... I knew we were in trouble.
If we could google it, everybody could and now the 2D web is virtually useless.
Gates got bored, ran off to play Yoda knows who, injecting, Yoda knows what as if Africa was some kind of social experiment, instead of fixing the mess he made on the backbone.
We switched to Jon Stewart and Colbert took a minute .....  I was raised Black-curious in a Levittown@Belair and can't stand the sight of Bill O'Reilly, wining about NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY when the mortgage on his house was around 67/month and yes, if you couldn't come up with that in 1950s, you could be considered a loser.
So, my house isn't selling, nobody's calling back with a real job I can actually take, while ovarian and black, single mom, who managed to earn 2x the neighborhood average if you took the diminishing tangible intangibles, into account.
I'm getting great deals on antiques.....
Fox says, everything's wunnerful and industry is doing great. 
Why is our military experience in ASW, avionics (RADAR, SONAR, V-Sat bachelor's of science degree,  NOT earning more than a Chicago garbage collector?
/me points to FAA ....  Could you make any more cuts?
Don't blame me if I aimed for NASA, you defaulted on Mother's insurance policy and sent some
poor country fool to Howard in order to pimp diversity?

FTA sells boxes ...they were pretty kewl.
One company gets sued for selling one that picked up HBO.
That's now Dish Network.
and it was copy pasted to the "competitor".

They put an impact tax on the gas you DIDN'T use in a hybrid....
Now, folks are coming back home hating the POTUS because of your limited decision making algorithm is SOS
Does it make money? - yes/no
If you jerks spent less time screwing each other in Second Life, which has become monetized and locked up our investment that made them awesome...  it's cleaned up the bots, but you can't work anywhere without some avatar trying to bend you over,
or begging to be bent over by you.
So, when the air-sellers get over themselves,
I'll finish writing up the results of my own 10-yr 3D digital social experiment.

Perhaps Congress would stop looking for nerds jack hammering the road,
without consulting the architects first?
 And no, just because you made it illegal, doesn't mean we still can't function within the limits of a laws written without looking up, down, and all the diagonals.

We're sick of doing the homework for people too lazy to do any kind of research and abuse their power in the same way like a broken record.
This country isn't #1, it's just got the best marketing and fooling nobody but those who refuse to pull their heads out of their limited capacities.

I could edit, but I'm trying to rebuild a career while 100% disabled.
while people sit in judgement calling me either lazy or stupid.

Talk two inches over the head of one of a Faux newz disciple and it's probably some small business owner who would be doing his / her community a greater service by getting a job and paying their taxes, than playing D/s with their wag-gap-castrated peons.
If the least you can do,
is the best you can do,
do the best of somebody better
and go get a real job.
Because your employees have their own dreams and paying them not enough to keep the (why aren't we on Tesla already) lights on, and just enough gas to get back and forth from one of several jobs.
If a college kid, I wouldn't hire to carry out the garbage on the regular, is calling me overqualified because I can teach him what he doesn't know because he only has an MSCE cert......
we have ourselves a jacked up situation and greed on every level is the culprit.

The rich get more money
The middle get more work
The poor get more company

And Fox is hating the Pope...because he acts like Jesus taught us to be.
NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY and now they're all butthurt?
The internet was supposed to supplement our lives for what that bobble-head doll took from us in mind, body and spirit.

In the last Civil Rights movement,
We asked for equal pay so we could pay the kind of taxes that would build stronger neighborhoods.
My Mother and Father's segregated school was more like college than the watered-down Levittown version, the mainstream had to offer.
Well, gee..  sorry about your ghetto, but people who worked for the Pentagon, didn't want to dodge bullets while morons were trying to cash in on their own, like they did on us.

Oh wait.  you heard what we dance to and forget how we do when we're not entertaining "you people"
No offense
But in the 50s, men had buying power to put homes in their wives names and let her go about taking care of the communities.  ERA ....well, what happened to the choice?
The internet was supposed to provide a way to work and educate our kids away from the influences of bullies in school.
Oprah did a story on a Baltimore school I attended while hating life.
Busing moved the district lines so that my siblings got bused from Belair Jr High to Tasker Jr High and that was about the dumbest thing that ripped them from the friends they'd made.
And I would have attended Key School, if the boomers hadn't locked that gate before I got to it.

and here we are, "OBAMACRATS"!
Deal with it.
The south isn't going to rise again
and nothing you can do can redeem what's calling themselves a republican these days.
Keep telling the lie, and we'll keep shaming your sponsors.
And there are two shows that demonstrate what they're doing to intelligence .
Bones and The Big Bang Theory.
Those are jobs they starve us out of for dummying down America with a slave mentality they can't shake.  Headhunters, contracts to nowhere and Fake news points a boney finger at the first thing they can't possibly understand from such a limited perspective.
Intellectual bigotries have no place on any network, anywhere on this planet.
When those in power lie and become nothing but whatever the current market value is...they lose the intangible motivation to turn ourselves into things we wouldn't allow in our house.

So, take a hint.
If we could afford what you're selling, we're not going to buy it from an unreliable source.
Why bother us with it?
When NSA , DoD, and public sector got their money for the net, why did it take 20 years to deliver it?
20 years for the iPad/tablet
and McCain's playing video poker with the GDP or losing one of his houses he still can't count.
 On my best day, it would take 333 years to make was Romney made in 2010 or whenever, and I'm pretty sure, he's a murderous, useless, individual I would NEVER want my kid to be.

Rubio?  My ex came from a higher pecking order
from Spain to Cuba, to Miami
and they didn't hire the Haitians,
and South Florida can't tell the difference between a Black Cuban, a Black Haitian and an African American,
so their porting over Fulano/Fulana from Cuba
and my Colombian/Trinadian friend with legal working status,
can hardly raise her son.

And the kids trying to work in South Florida flight schools to pay for lessons hear the darndest things when their customer service jockeys get off the phones!
....after hearing an urban dialect.
in front of people of color who think there is something wrong with them.

It's a shame people like that think people of color have no interest in their own histories....because the more we learn to do that research,
the smaller that knee-jerk whitewashers
can't look at with the eyes of someone trying to learn how to avoid it.
Well, deal with it.
We have no interest in being whatever that is they're selling.
 Sure, I grew up with a rainbow of mostly shades of pink, brown and copper.

I don't see "whitewashed" people because they reflect nothing that attracts me to them.
The most love I can muster up in that situation, is the time it takes me to do the math...
to decide if it wants to kill me, rob me blind, bend me over, or humiliate me.
I am a big fan of Creation, who put so many beautiful people on this planet.
The view can be lovely, but I grew up in the Smithsonian with a bajillion other kids, who learned how to enjoy things they can't take home.

If a person makes a beautiful mannequin of themselves, we'll look at them, but come ON...
Who wants to be that?
How about a work ethic, like the man we called, "Uncle Bob"?
One of the guys our families knew from Andrews,  hmmm?
Why is human life SO cheap to you morons, you can't figure out what happens when kids are left to raise THEMSELVES?
And lie to our families about the struggles we are going through?
Look what you've done to Maryland with social experiments like Levittown which NIMBY'd the MD"s 4th district into creation and now you're gentrifying SE?
How about some justice instead of kissing Dimon encrusted pants?
We have been through all this before and less is NOT more when it comes to education.

Cable subscriptions were supposed to cover ads.  CDs were supposed to last after driving over them with a car and playing frisbee with it.  And deal with the reality check...  1984 happened in 1984.

ISPs are just selling polluted air that destroys computers after crossing their demarc.
Get out of the Second life slave trades and RP something else.
At least move the demarc to include the thousands of 3D websites outside of Second Life....was a woman's CAD generated doll house before we allowed men to have photo-realistic skins.
As soon as they got out of their dresses and looked like something we could ballroom dance to....  while brainstorming the next phases of what we were collaborating...  (yeah, you saw what you saw and dismissed it)

Anyway, if I didn't care, I wouldn't bother, but if they don't read their own discussion threads beyond the bots and wingnutz supporting their jacked up agenda...... don't expect to lie until it because a truth.
There was a time when one could win a bet by citing Washpo and whatever, but when it's so remote from actual reality and we've called you out on it repeatedly....  what do you want for nothing...

A rubber biscuit?

Anyway, I was going to post something on that page, but heck it.
Maybe it's useful for notes...
But I'm actually watching Malcolm X and something else calls...
I forgot to sleep.

 This is a map of Xanadu @3rd Rock Grid...
The purple areas are actually ocean...
This can fit on a thumb drive, run on a laptop without the internet, just like any website folder used offline.

It can be locked down to stay isolated from the www / 2D web
When connected to the WWW via IP or whatever comes next...
It can float independently on the cloud, or connected to another grid,
according to their TOS agreements.

Network engineers work on the internet cloud and it's a global view that map.
Spending years at that perspective and for me, coming from V-Sat, it's easy to see.
An MCSE cert generally sees it in terms of WoW, anyway.
Or can't see out of his dungeon...or is too involved with too many slaves, he can't come up for air.
It's whatever...

But we don't stop building...but they keep on cashing in on it's lying on the teachings of Jesus before 3rd Grade CCD classes.
Maybe I have no trouble with the holy trinity because I understand a little physics and chi flow and basic (not so basic) electrical properties that know when somebody's throwing metal daggers at my back.
Maybe it's not a good idea to ask people "why are you here" when I have a resume that looks like that.  No, the long one got me the 4-yr, permanent gig and I can't fit my education on one page.  Byte me.  Do something about your hiring practices.
I could shoot a nerf ball from here
and hit someone more interested and qualified by the best what they have the nerve and the gall to

People enjoy calling me stupid because they were too lazy to do any kind of "Know Thyself" heavy lifting it takes to get there.
Well boo-hoo..  you gotta PAY YOUR DUES before you can SING THE BLUES,
And these fools are all in the ice cream and don't know the flavor?
People are dying and that's why it's a cardinal sin against ALL of us when journalism is treated with such a low level of professionalism.
If you can't be bothered to put forth the effort
 to honor the DEVOUT occupational responsibility necessary to educate your viewers to the point of causing THIS much confusion and fear...with NO regard to the hand that feeds you....

Don't cry like a little bitch with a scraped knee,
If we happen to BYTE YOU!

This is what happens when you FUCK with a woman's LIVELYHOOD.
with emphasis on
We are IT

If you do not want women to speak above a whisper,
We are on a different architecture that would be allowed to flourish if whoever is in charge of the demarc, would move it back to accommodate us all, have our STUFF BACK with perms in tact, (yeah, it can be done, but people love to hypergrid and that's great too.)
But why does every grid have to have a different inventory?
It's exactly like AOL and the ISPs are holding up the backbone.
The UK is running 150 and we just upgraded to 50?
ATT can't claim telephone poles, and there is no excuse for rural areas doing without.
Where's all that money going?
It's most definitely not going to the workforce.....

(MalcolmX is in the background and it brings out my comic book character, for a graphic novel, so do not panic, I have no pull with the nerds since I saw an MCSE cert, hot off a McDonalds drive thru window, drove a penis car while living with his mother, calling me a sucker for my military service and bothering to earn a BS (shoulda known)...
and if I gave him five more minutes, he would have said I had no right to give birth...after it took over a year to get her on board. (due to a miscarriage in the Navy...)
brag about having hacked a computer on the network with desktop

Now, you can call this RP, because that's my role on the cloud.
In the dial-up days, the new knaves, had a polite way of asking teh muze before presuming to take on that name.
It's an NDN thing, and it goes our love of the oral tradition.
If you fuck with our stories, the lies will not stand.

I've been waiting 30 years to do this work, ....  If NSA were such hotshots...why aren't they talking to US?
Ladies, if you have the means, use this technology, and home school in your communities.  Please support other professional, educated women dedicated to bringing young ladies up together so that even if they leave, they can pass it on and show others how.

Our families are remote, but wouldn't it be loverly if children living 5011 miles away from their cousins, can attend class together in a loving environmet?
Where are those Day Care Center's, Mr. TaxBreak?
Where are the REAL, mortgage paying,  telecommuting CAREERS, not just MLM's bitching about people in this country speaking their native tongues while waiting for a burger,
And all the crap they're pimping has "Made in China" on the bottom?

That's the kind of stuff I'll go on about when we get the Improv stage up.
 Because my freebie dollhouse sits on 3rd Rock Grid.
Outside of the D/s infected, hub everyone has to work on, called Second Life.

Some LyNDiN Almost walked pirate ver - YouTube

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