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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

ah well, he thought this shit was new....WE first

This WAS an email...but I decided to blog it instead.
"it's complicated" and few have the patience for what it can do before anyone else can cash in on it.
Well, that is not the scope of this project called One Big Soup  which is a comes under the 
"Muze Ackland Productions business model"
While the technology was coming into focus by geeks from all over the world, I had my own plan for where this was going.
Think of it as the digital version of not having a midi in 1979, between a Vic 64 and a Moog Prodigy...rant.
If you absolutely hated standing up in front of the class to read anything whatsoever,
Raise your hand...
You may have seen me try it.
I hated it with a purple passion....and how.
well, the architecture 3D web sits on has 1000s of 3D websites sitting on it networked and rather newb, but they're no more related to Second Life than AOL was to Prodigy.

So... while I was working on a con......cept.  I realized I was farther along than I thought, as it happens a lot. 
If you've ever seen "Slick" multi-lap runners at a track meet,
or seen Mr. Reck's soccer team wreck bloody, ninja-like havoc on teams with ringers who couldn't carry the whole team.  *cough*
Seriously, you should have seen them...and as it turned out, the foreign imports were like oligarchy royalty
It wasn't Bowie Bulldogs vs Galaxy High,
It was "Diplomatic Immunity" scum vs "Pentagon Kids"...  yeah, it was brutal.
This was life around Ground Zero. 
I find it funny people are running around yelling, "1984, 1984!"
I shake my head...  Didn't you know?
1984 happened IN 1984!

Anyway, human nature used to be living in harmony with their true nature to do good.
The balance is too fragile to keep this up by monopolizing the infrastructure..

people who just want to do some kinda good with what they came in with, 

If you aren't into MMORPG's or console games, this may not make any sense.
Please do not panic.
...this is a different world than folks are used to.
Even those who have been in it for years.

I could be funny and call myself a "community organizer"
And I've been building a model for an Obamatown,
3rd Rock Grid has it's on paypal economy, but that is not the focus.
One Minute Manager-type list of stuff
(divergent thinker alert, ambidextrous - educators are not up to speed, and at the rate we're going... you've heard the rant.  Suffice it to say, Bones and BBT are very good examples of why we go 3D)
We thank tenured educators and TX for that sweet little bottleneck.
We've networked a "make-do" work-around, the there is a lot of interesting research going on in  virtual worlds/3D web.  I prefer "The metaverse" because it bridges the two networks.
It is not an easy transition to make, but to a CAD geek in engineering school would find the tools quite simple. 

I started this mainly to support indie artists who use the grids to get over their stage fright, play with music as they please without the pressure...hard to list all of the benefits, but it definitely translates to the real world. 
Animators can create their own moves and share them, do shows....

the tools used to actually follow a real dancer like you see in the movies, are also a valuable skill for the videos.  People go through great pains to create the image they want to portray.
As far as avatars go, an airbrush artist could come up with something more "Centric" than is available.  The anime crowd seem to have a nice mindset for this kind of thing.
Perhaps along the lines of Afro Samurai or the artist featured in "Good Times".  Neilsen?
How about an Emerald City from The Wiz?
Although we could all eat...  I prefer to focus on making sure people duplicate themselves.
First crew trains, then brings another.  When the person they bring on is up to speed, the mentor gets a shop.
 No one knows when someone will have to go online and the point is to let something work for you while you are off doing something else like working, homeschooling, and all the yada yadas, MLMs promise, but rarely deliver unless money is the only target and yawn.

"We" refers to people in the 3D web communities like opensim grid, Inworldz, and 3rd Rock Grid.
 There is another grid hopper I need to drop in on.  She did a writeup on my pile of "no I didn't build it" stuff I was arranging, which in itself involves teraforming, carving rivers and all that bonzai stuff and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Due to accumulated disabilities that went untreated until we pretty much decided I have an extreme case of Welcome to the Good Ship WTF.
 I've seen it before and they're at it again.
So many people get to go see for themselves and I love this rant because

Michael D Higgins v Michael Graham

(Firestorm browser)  (opensim version already is configured for 3rd Rock)

Once in 3rd Rock Grid, look for "Xanadu" on the map.
There are 8 regions in that group. 
Ah, there's so much more, but I have to fall over for a bit.

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