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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres plays the guitar with Slash

Looking for a tutorial how to play a guitar upside down and more about this fun new noise maker.
Once I organize and reformat this laptop, I can focus on Xanadu.

While wondering why Slash liked the Gibson/Les PauL and what is he driving in this video?

Since flipping it over, there's actual guitar-like sounds coming out of it, but I haven't plugged it in get.

I need to see her dancing with Stephen Colbert.
Slash just so damn chillaxified. 
And her opener kicked my behind because I was strapped to a piano...
Great grandmother's spinet upright.
Steck?  Pretty generic.  I really wanted something portable I could sit
under a tree back in the Belair (witch) creeks where no one could hear.

They always say go acoustic first.  Dad got about as far as Ellen and EARBLEED!
He was a boyscout master and got about as far as "good enuf for government work"
My only counter was blast "Grand Illusion" or drown him out on that freakin' spinet with a Grand Polonaise or something.  I wasn't mad about that, I was probably grounded or something.

It's been a long time, but after the big-uns moved out, the usual word battles

were replaced by "Jonin'" and a more interesting game of "The Dozens"

(Howard's piece called "You Ain't Half the Man, Yo Mama Wuz" when I find and scan my copy.  It was an interesting perspective.....  we lost him a year ago last summer)

 Compared to Howard, Dad was what I'd call...."mellow"

Mrs. Mirabella had two concert grand pianos in her Levittown, "not garage".
But that was one of the best uses of a garage there ever was, and if she had kids, I think they were grown by the 80s.
missed Patti Collette when she left Bowie.  I was frustrated with my
limitations and wasn't really up for the dissonance of her style of
I wanted to make a percussion instrument out of that piece of anemic crap...  Elton! Teach me Billy Joel, dammit.  What's with the elevator music versions?

Why are people trippin' over my Joplin when I fucked it up three times, lost my place twice and obviously started over.....

I hear a lot of Maple Leaf Rags, but none of them sound familiar.

Patti discouraged me from listening to music but the theory was too linear?.

IDK, I didn't start getting A's in math until finite and Calculus was a breeze if you studied with the Central American students......all night, at MD University's library.

I was in HELL if Roy Rogers closed without getting one of those chocolate or strawberry sundaes with the biscuit in it.

My roommate's boyfriend electric bass and I was hanging out with a guy who played baby bass in one of DC's dance clubs.  Not Chelsea's, but something with more of a jazzy feel.

His band was called "Macho Uno" or "Macho One"...  as in mach 1, not machismo, per se.

So it was a kind of a backlash t-shirt I wore.

Grandma was a homesteader who took us fishing, she had doilies, but didn't actually sit around making them.  I loved horses, was a skater girl and grew up to ride an XS Eleven which was respectable enough and I couldn't beat the deal on it.

My nickname was RADAR because we loved M*A*S*H and AM-FM was weirded out a few times when I got the door for people during rehearsals.

"Where's she goin?"


I'd gone to get the door for Vincent.

or.... I'd get the door for Chaz...

Once I scared the shit out of her, knocking on the car window

because I forgot and she fell asleep.

So it was weird of me to appologize to her for brainfarting something I had no way of knowing in the first place.

The were locked out, and we weren't hearing the phone in the office, so...

it was like RADAR picking up on incoming helicopters.

Yeah, Dad was into Edgar Cayce.

That parking spot mojo he taught me long before driving lessons,


I went 'WOW" over a chromed out Honda

and I laid off when it started to piss him off.

"cheap on gas....."

I was a forward thinking 14 year old.

Hey, I can't have a car...  work with me. here?

It was still there on the way out and I lingered as if it were

the Manet section of the Smithsonian....

I might have mumbled, "See no evil, Hear no evil, Have no fun..  I get it"

On the way home, he took a turn behind Pointer Ridge or something and pulled the car over.

By the pretty houses we wouldn't move in to and be neighbors with some really kewl Jamaicans we knew.

But the place was no traffic... a field.  A perfect place to dump a body.

I was like..  oh uh...  Hello death..

FF - Grand Illusion, Don't Fear the Reaper, Bohemian Rhapsody something from JCST and Godspell...ooohhhhmm......mantra.. happy place.


I was pretty sure some kind of death was coming....

He turned the car off............

Took a deep breath...

And said,



"Did I mumble?"

I jumped out of the car, did the rad mobile air guitar (circa 1980)

with a head-bang...  and grabbed the door, to let him out.

I think the arcade racing game that ate my allowance was by Atari.

As far as the mechanics of a real car, hey..  I'm observant like that....

shoot...  14...  driving..

It as a Dodge Colt (by Mitsubishi) so not a great challenge.

I did well.  He thought I'd been out joyriding.

Well, yah, but I wasn't driving when we went off-roading,

so it doesn't really count.

I was holding ON to somethin'

They had a Cartman, so I didn't go often.

After that, we went every other Sunday after Church.

One week Slurpees and driving, the next was Breakfast at Denny's.

...or iHop...

I loved trying through 450 through the woods to

Annapolis, or Old Church Rd.

(driver's a Cutlass?)


Things that make me look at you funny:

You Shouldn't Feel That Way because (lameness)

 Life is Unfair

Perception is Reality

Nothing Ever Changes

It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know

(where'd my FAMILY go? and God bless the child wasn't FROM the bible

everybody sing)

No Offense

Why RU here? (at an interview)

Do people of your rae find you attractive?

"This thing will make your hair so straight!"

(after talking about Nappturality with happy)


Our elementary school principal wanted to give us her grand piano.   I'd been practicing at school and no one played the thing.  It looked like something you'd see in Napoleon's parlor, eggshell and ornate.

14 was a banner year.  Mr. Briggs invited me to play in one of his show bands....Dad said, 'No"

And his wife's sister invited me to stay with them in DC, so I could attend Duke Ellington.


We didn't have so much of a family, as a chain of command.

I was NOT alone!

Reaganomics did more than trash our economy, he slandered our generation as this set of RWNJs are trying to repeat.

I just love Ellen.

I kissed a girl, liked it moved on, women are crayZ

kidding...  I just see too many people tagging and bagging themselves

just to cover rent. 

The hippie priest of Levittown lived in the rectory across the street, 5th house down/up the street depending on your perspective.

Father Wells was ALWAYS happy to see you.  It was as if that just made his freakin' day.

I wondered why not just show up?  LOL

I go on and on about him because I thought he would be an excellent dad, and it kinda taxed my logic circuits. 

My brother asked him "Hey Father Wells! How far can I go with a girl before it's a sin?"

Father Wells answered, "Second Base",

And he went off with a "Great! Thanks"

 The movie, "The Bishop's Wife was one of my favorites Christmas movies.  For the longest time, I thought Bishops just had different really high ranking deacons.

I didn't realize it was something new (1940s?) and was to save the Church the medical coverage on their families.

I needed a mint after thinking about that for a minute.

 Christmas Story -

I actually have a lamp like that in my virtual world inventory.  I wasn't moved... it was saying shit like, we were lucky that soap in the mouth was considered child abuse then.

But "Don't tickle me, especially when I'm mad....", went unheeded, regardless of the school board rants we heard at 6pm until the peas were done.

And Dad had an interesting day.

and I'm not done with my homework yet.

we had a lot of marigolds EVERY YEAR ....  the flower meaning "pain and grief"?
From someone who liked knowing that kind of shit....that's kind of sadistic.  It never occurred to me, but Bones just went off reminding me of it. 

(more randomness I'll pick over and organize/flesh out later)

...Daily Show/Colbert time...

Notes -
Can I canibalize bits from other keys to fix jacked up one in the middle of a Yamaha S90 (splat)?
How to reseat video cable for Lenovo POS with the Wacom digitizer and what to load on it if the winblows sticker is now illegible.  (

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