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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Don McLean - Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

By the time this song came out, we'd been all over the Smithsonian
and by '84, only posers were still into sunflowers and waterlillies.
This song was extra points on elementary school tests!
In Buckingham, it was like...  OK, the gym teacher, Mr. Melzer will do!
came a girl from Switzerland, off a mountain kicking his happy butt all
over the playground.  I think he tricked me into breaking a record....
dad bitched about my German grandma, but nobody told me we were talking
BAVARIA!  The girl right off the mountain could run from here to
Kingdom Come.
I threw things real far.... horseshoes, shots, discs, rocks, snowballs...
by the time I got to the Navy, I could launch a 30-pound desk chair at a marine with NO problem....
If I'm laughing at you, it could be that I'd already checked
and there weren't any around......handy.

pissed off some Levittowners, was that it took YEARS of playing hooky
to the Smithsonian, hacking the school's attendance records before we
could just hang one on the wall! 
I swear, there's a distinction.....

For my big brother,
who didn't have to translate the song when I was 8.
We agreed it was ridiculous to name a beautiful baby boy
born Ben Franklin's Birthday....
"Vincent DePaul!"
My father was not in a mixed marriage as may have been suspected.
Mother may have been mistaken for Italian when we integrated Levittown @ Belair.  (smdh)
I think my response was "We're DOOMED" since I was named after DaVinci's teacher....and aparently "Destined for Greatness"
(never mess a little head up with that mess....seriously, just..

Sadly, my beautiful mind makes more logical sense than his.
It's sad to see a boomer go down in flames like that....
He's so freakin' LINEAR!
I'm fin-ta git downright belligerent.
after 10pm

....the album continues on to a song that says, "Everybody Loves Me Baby, What's the matter with you?" 
Oh, the chagrin!
We battled all the time...  being 7 years younger,
oh just pick a sitcom ...we were the upttity negroes nobody wanted around
in living color.
Their TV's LIED!  There were NO "black" people!
My older brother and sister couldn't get darker than Freddie Prinze or Ricardo Mantelban ..on a good day with black afros....
I was a little brown giinger,  and we probably ALL would have kicked Danny Partridge's ass.
Flying Pile driver at recess!
He was like....  did the tree thing and they called him "Dick Tracy" by the time he tried to be a Sigma.
Grandad was clearly an Alpha...
I'm flat footed, but I'm not sure about my sea-legs.
...I know I'm no bloomin' land-lubber!
(read, corporate plantation air pirate)
And I don't care how nearsighted I am.
My eyes are recovering, so yaaay...not farsighted.
And to think,
By age 49, I could be getting payouts for the faulty knee/hip/ankle replacements
I never got at the VA or *insurance
for the past how many years is that?
23, 5, 30 or 42 years?
I wouldn't want to be accused of cashing in on the wrong pre-existing condition.
by my count, This POTUS was invited to my homework when he decided to see what was holding up Chicago!
yeah...  CONGRESS
I voted my proxy, right?

I used to have a Dad and a brother for that.
Sooo....  how about the used-to-haves before we start
bringing in our fleets for their Bounties?
They've breached a breached contract
we've lost count...  oh wait..

And here I am, squirreled away by Chappelle Show 2004 doing Tiger Woods...
And I'm hankerin' for 'Undercover Brother".

Don McLean DID make us dance, but more than that,
he got us thinking, and laughing our asses off.

Apparently, big asses were a distraction....

We carried this right to the Sweathog classroom
I loved that Hair Bear Bunch!
But I still didn't know about olive oil!

after that I got pulled over catching air on the 14th street bridge....
I was on the way home from one of 3 jobs, 15 hours of school and band rehearsals.

I just saw Fame 2 for the first time, awhile back.

Facts repeat themselves.

It wouldn't be so funny if I weren't watching Dave Chappelle doing "Black Bush"....
I'm dyin' over here....
When I get around to playing the dozens with my big brother again...
I'll be armed with our cousin Howard's booklet called
"You Ain't thuh Man Yuh Mamma Wuz", but that's  a jacked up thing to say to one's own actual brother soooo..
The "No Mother's" Rule, will be strictly enforced...
even if she DID like me best.

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