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Monday, August 11, 2014

Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (Video)

This is a band that knows WHY GOD INVENTED THE INTERNET

Muse teasing my ancestors again.  Our folks grew up outside of Dodge, KS
which was a border town between abolitionists like the folks who went
there by train or wagon train.  Outlaws robbed the banks and burned the
town halls holding vital statistic records in order to cover their
tracks.  The genealogy circles moaned about it for years.  Our research
hit roadblocks for years.  We found a Peabody,KS record of folks named
"Ramsey" (highlanders), who were listed as Chinese, Black, White, and
colored was code for NDNs who were known to cut their hair to be counted
as white, or "civilized" by slavery.  smdh
So, we have the names of Grant and Lee on both sides of the family.  It seems the Grants were Osage and the Lee's were Choctaw.
Ramsey/Anderson folks came from Bavaria and sailed under the banner of
Scottish monarchy from 1635 True Love under Master Gibbs, (Mr. Gibbs) from the Black Pearl/Sparrow?

We have "Master Blackwell" on the 1635 "The Expedition"

 Elizabeth Blackwell was from Oxford.  I guess she's a great aunt, since she had no kids of her own (?)
Hans Christian Anderson had no kids of his own, but Uncle Tommy met some folks in Berlin while he was stationed in the Army, during Korea or 'Nam.  Grandma's land intended for him went to Medicare and no one paid the taxes on the land Mother left to me.

There were true knights from all over the world
settling the lands around Crown Center Mall (Kansas City, MO) by the
1800s.  There are very few known Blackwells of Lexington, MO.  In the
Victorian era, Elizabeth Blackwell was shunned as some Grimm fairy tale
vampire.  Looks like the corporate plantation, brought on the Spanish Inquisition, for fear of being held accountable.
tsk tsk tsk

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