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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frank | Official Trailer

OK now that we're talking about our own avatar's avatar's avatar,
It's dizzying keeping up with who's who's muse of this idea.
is why laid off architects, outsourced 3D web and mesh programs to
design props for creating content = intellectual property = creative
we use paypal and police each other better than a game grid.
on the cloud using hops not slurls, means LInden Labs can't fix
anything without suing them to pull out the demarc ..
line of site = line of site.
High is a school built by a higher ToS...  all the way back to 1635
fleet of ships that flew a flag under St. George, before there was a
prince or a king named after him.
I have to defend myself against
eviction because I know that my great aunt Elizabeth Blackwell was NOT
in fact a REAL vampire, no matter how a Grimm fairy tale paints it.  I'm
a day sleeper because I am backlogged since long before I was laid off
from the corporate plantation.  So yea, I have a sleep disorder on top
of fibromyalgia and other painful problems people can't see, but think I
don't know how to deal with it.
They worked me against my
pre-existing PHYSICAL condition, so there's no point in complaining
about how fat I WAS and should work , or how my sitting at the desk all
night, typing or laughing at people who think I'm crazy, committing
felonies because i won't fall for the lies Glenn Beck told them they
could tell to scare me out of the apartment I moved in to BECAUSE it was
noisy and had kids who wanted to learn how to be good neighbors.
brought on the Spanish Inquisition because I know my own genealogy and
they are afraid of who I'm writing my online blog about.
The word
they fear is "Templar Knight" because the car I drive was left to me
from my actually DEAD father and they won't let me mourn him.  I babble
when I'm in pain, so I'm being evicted because I have a speech
impediment like many other political satyrists who like President Obama
like we're supposed to?
I'm not crazy for NOT allowing people to tell me who to hate and when and why. are my domains in a very geeknation kind of way.
Dino's PWNED the net, but they still won't let it evolved.
much for the neat-o factor when you clear your own ancestor's name for
being NOT an actual vampire, while playing along with corporate vampires
like that Flipper, Ron Paul.
So I said to my lawyer PUT ME ON THE
STAND if they still want to bully me out of a building I spent 18 months
getting used to.  What's with the goldigger dragging her brand new hero
in to DEMAND I move out for him?
She posted notes all over my door and my car and they want ME to leave?
I laugh at people when they think I'm THAT IGNORANT!
wake up the ENTIRE building, yelling at the leaf blowers working at
11am if you don't want somebody complaining about you helling "DAY
SLEEPERS" at them, you tacky goldigger!
Don't sue ME because I'm trying to sleep while she complains to GOD AND EVERYBODY that she's not well pleased!
is 8:11am and I ran into one of the REAL stalkers in this building. 
another neighbor was unhappy to learn how I've been treated and he's
heard the other noise, but NOTHING FROM ME!
I lie was told, but not by me, but I don't have to incriminate myself for THEIR LIES!
a civil rights violation because they've been using my own disability
against me when I've been doing everything above and beyond to deal with
my physical pain, AS prescribed LONG before I moved here.  I am
backlogged back to at least 2004 and I am having trouble keeping up with
the time and money wasting tactics to FRIGHTEN ME beyond my capacity to
keep up with it.  I am only a little late with rent at this point, but
the CAUSE of that is because the OWNERS can't communicate their proper
chain of command while pitting neighbors against each other in
WASHINGTON Square in NOT Portland since they moved the zoning laws.
looked just like my great auntie Elizabeth Blackwell who was NOT a
vampire, but as a Reiki master (Rev applies) because it is NOT a
religion, I'm being persecuted by Christian wingnuts who don't know any
And they want the right to use the N-word?  around a brown
anglo-saxon who's legacy sailed with the 1635 True love fleet?  And yes
it was RUDE to mention how much your Grandmother looked like George
Washington when your DAD makes that face, you shut UP, period!
we DO have a GW Seals on the other side of the family .....  So go
figure Mother was from Kansas and if I'm just figuring this out, maybe
my buddy BARRY gets a good idea to use the internet to find out what's
going on in the world and maybe someone will help a bullied,
bully-basher finally look into this BS about being "Destined for
The taxed Mother's pension to build the net AFTER she was
dead and we thought CIA murdered her.  So don't insult me by calling me
FBI when I need their services to protect myself from the domestic
terrorism going on around here.
Yes, I'm a big boned woman with a lot
of pain happening.   So don't roll up in black and gold and chase me
off when I'm looking for some kind of "safe haven".
So I'm logging another FORMAL complaint to follow up the one I filed and can't find because I'm too pissed off at the moment.
know when I'm cool to drive, but they called the police so often, they
thought I was the one who didn't know any better than to go burning
rubber out of the parking lot after a big arguement with your gold
digger.  But yeah, I can stay up all night and all day typing at my desk
and laughing at Comedy Central who KNOWS you people are a joke and the
shame campaign and the harassment go on and on and on.
My day in
court is the 16th and I understand they want to proceed and lock me out
of the apartment when I'm late BECAUSE of their scams, slander, libel,
invasion of privacy and yes, I've been pulled over on I-95 in the speed
trap zone between NAS Jax, where I was stationed and Miami Florida's
N-bomb town where my Uncle Tommy outlived my mother since 1969!  No one
knows why a woman off the farm would have needed a DNC at George
Washington University Hospital where my REAL father graduated in 1959
with a MASTER's degree in Political Science.  No public school gave me a
teacher better than my dad and if he said do better than the kids at
school BECAUSE OF MY RACE, that mean if a nun said I had to do TWICE as
good, I had to do THREE times as good as the white kids off the
The teenaged diplomats of Levittown@Belair lost our NAMES
and our TITLES we rolled up in.  And yeah, I take issue with my favorite
NEIGHBORS of Bowie, Maryland outside of Washington DC.  I am not crazy
for laughing at you when you piss me off.  They are CRAZY for putting
this whole building in so much pain because they're SO  SELFISH, they
demand I hate GOD AND everybody....because they suck at what they
do...hate working at Macy's and I'm supposed to stop my world for women
too weak to say NO to their DRUNKEN husbands and boyfriends they let
sleaze around this place telling people women are less than dirt.
fact I did NOT launch that skinny butt off the balcony when he was
calling me IGNORANT in my own paid for apartment while forgetting he was
on a JOB INTERVIEW, but decided EVERYTHING I owned and learned was
Do NOT call the police because I used to play covers for
Prince and want to learn them again....   because you think I'm that
kind of genius.
How about asking what flip that kids switch instead of stalking me out of my out of pocket expenses?  Who is a criminal?  NOT I!
I'm logging this rant that started at 8:22 and ended with the blonde
running away while I was checking in with two other neighbors who know
the place is running rampant with criminals who know how to scare
people, but don't know when they are committing felonies to get a small
claims court payday!

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