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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Project in work.... a 3D social networkable website

The last release of Xanadu's Paisley Park-inspired 3D website can be downloaded with some other stuff in my drop box.  I don't have time to sort it out now, but it's there until I can...

So excuse my pre-existing condition if I haven't sorted it out properly,
Let me know and I'll fix it as fast as I can.
There is no malice intent to protect myself from those who bully people on a mission from her own personal's my opinion, but I have facts being ignored until I know what the hell I'm supposed to do, besides raise money for the rent I'm a little late on,

But as far as I'm PERMITTED to know at this point, I'm running out of options but to protect myself from incriminating myself due to the actual conspiracy Glenn Beck taught very passionate people was their right to do these evils against me.

I've sent him my paypal address to help me get through it....
and a whole lot of people on the networks I'm on know what I'm going through...

So, you know what to do with the paypal button to help me end this rampage on my 30 hunt for my right to learn how to make something out of myself, by finding out who that is ....  no matter who doesn't like the race of my very real ancestors.

Quit pushing buttons you don't know anything about.
I said I had to fight if I were kicked out of this place, named after St. George....Prince George, Kind George....

My George was said to be a demon hunter in the service of GOD.
My intellect is not a curse when used properly. 
I followed Elizabeth's legacy as a SUFFRAGETTE. 
I do not hate stupid people, or people trying hard to understand me,
but they do get on my very last nerve.......and I was asked to give it my best effort.
What's this newbies problem and what are they making ex-marines out of these days?
A systems analyst is a student AND a teacher... 
So don't presume I'm SO ignorant, I don't know which "DUDE" inflection to use in this jacked up situation right here....

OK, it's 1:03 and I'm not getting call backs yet.
my ears are ringing, so I'll see what telecom can do for me to stop this crazy, 30 year long trail of tears people aren't trained to deal with.

I declare, WORLD PEACE...  let it begin with me.....everybody sing, but I'm still not crazy...
I'm no Freudian, no one rapes my life without an actual fight of some sort.  I'm in danger of becoming "belligerent"....
after asking for help and repeatedly kicked to the curb..  I'm just sayin...  quit BARKING AT THE LEAF BLOWERS AT 8:11AM. DAMMIT!
I'll have that incident number posted when I remember to call before it's too late.
So, how about helping me pay some rent?
Paypal works..  and so do my timestamps and the window I have to respond to them properly.

I'm sure a copy of that harassment complaint is laying online somewhere..but I have a courthouse to call?

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