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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I was PHYSICALLY disabled when I moved in 18months ago....I'm STILL in PAIN, not crazy.

They think I'm crazy because I told them I'd just realized I'm ELIZABETH BLACKWELL's BLOOD relative, but I have to PROTECT myself from people think I've bought into some Grimm fairytale they stuck on her about being an ACTUAL Tesla was depicted as Dracula in a new TV series.
To become a doctor,  I suppose she had some to cut into cadavers (ew) in order to become the FIRST female doctor in the UNITED STATES.

I'm an ENGINEER, not a forensic anthropologist!
So the pressure to be the first at something,
in order to appease people who think we never built anything on our legacies,
is WHY I'm getting evicted!

Freedom of speech is a two way street.  So pretending NOT to know I am driving the car my Dad left me and that the handicapped placard was NOT my own, is disengenous AND illegal.

I'd only volunteered to ride the desk to offset rent.
Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!

IF you don't want people to be attracted by the names you put on things....and yeah, Dad looked like Grandma and the polite thing was NOT to say how Grandma looked like George Washington, when we have a GW Seals on the other side of the family.   There was a George Washington Blackwell in Elizabeth's lineup as well.

They also don't believe my cousin was a 1965 Chicago Bear.
He was, and my passion is to NOT see the memories exceptional people in my own family pass into oblivion.
It eases my pain to write about people I love and respect.

And they hate me because I have a lot of respect for the PRESIDENT who has to deal with these kinds of BIGOTRIES every day!
But asking,  "If that's who you are, why are you here?" Is just rude as hell.
So I registered as one of President Obama's political activists....
because it's what I CAN DO!
While waiting for the VA to settle very old service-connected promises to help me.
My pay was cut over 300$ by a mistake due to moving to Oregon.
They heard me on the speaker phone / Skype trying to work it out.
I've also blogging/chatting/networking help with my disabilities
very publicly about CERTAIN SNAFU's people like me go through while dealing with INVISIBLE disabilities like Fibromyalgia..MST, PTSD and things that compile and aggravate our pre-existing conditions.
The last option Fargo had for me to deal with this pain, was OXYCOTIN!
I lost 80 pounds of mostly edema due to the bad meds I've been treated with for this INCURABLE chronic pain/stress disorder.
FATASS was NOT my disability.....but I am aware that people LAFF at fat people when they drop their groceries in the parking lot while in excrutiating pain.
But the pain is NOT gone and no one has the right to presume I'm not in pain because they can't see it.  They also can't hear the noise in my ears from tinnitus
NOR can they see what my eyes CAN'T see through very dark shades... or glasses that were given to me when my eyes were INFECTED.

Rectifying these things take time and they want me out or I get a credit ding on the 16th.

Or is my stuff ending up on the street on the 16th?
We are not on the same page....  I'm still being harassed while trying to pack up ...  or she's barking
"DAY SLEEPERS!!" at the leaf blower who was working over at the Embassy Suites at 11AM!

And some loud SUV by the building is driving off...  It's loud, but I manage not to lose control over my bodily functions over it.

I always had the right to NOT complain about every noise around this building since the construction started and care-giver scammers got mad at NOT being able to scam me out of more than what I was paying them OUT OF POCKET...   I paid a "neighbor" 10$/ hour to help and she could NOT do what I needed done while she was moonlighting and bitching about her job at "Macy's"....

NO, you can't sue me because I preferred to wait for my OWN daughter to get here.....

But she was busy with her own activism in COLOMBIA South America..
And while I was getting hacked, I couldn't reach her and some people were trying to scam money out of me, when I was worried about her "misplacing" her wallet.
She left me hanging on THAT after missing her plane back to the east coast where she was living BEFORE she left and promised to come help me after she was done.

But someone told her....  "Your mother is strong enough on her own" and that I don't deserve the help of my own daughter AFTER she had me waiting for her all this time...

Meanwhile,...  like a good trooper, I did what I could on my own to recover from the move from hell from Fargo to here.......100% disabled with a pain disorder, but couldn't get help from ANYONE promising me a "safe haven" to transition and I've been paying out of pocket since I got here.

So I'm a little late for paying rent.......  AFTER ALL THAT HARASSMENT!?
Well, they're still bothering the entire both sides of the building, fighting for their right to be rowdy drunken assholes, endangering the children who live here.

If I'm working on a very complicated project that distracts me from the pain of my multiple chronic pain disorders...

And because a cop who had been called because I was upset and doing nothing illegal....and says, "OH, it's YOU again"..  no I was not driving dangerously or erratic, I was driving SLOWLY, because I was LOST because my GPS went out when I was on a crossover hunt before last April Fool's Day (cheap hacker Xmas)...  when I got actually hacked.

I gave this web address out to people who thought my work was interesting....  or were just curious about who I was.   So many people asked me "Who in the HELL are YOU?"
I decided to write this blog called, "The Autobiography of Nobody N. Particular!"

I'd named it that LOOOONG ago when I started my genealogy research.
I'm talking back to dial up chatrooms on AOhell.
Everybody at work had news tickers running at work, so we got news of our layoffs while the company selling off our jobs were saying, we'd be OK.....

We weren't and they passed out 45$ bonus checks ...and I ramble because this is NOT NEWS!

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