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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why does Slash have an Army?

Hey Slash!

OK, I still don't know if Slash is kin to my cousin Billie Marie Hudson of Peabody, KS, but my radio went off after "And Justice for All" when I was stationed at NAS Jax.  They called the cease fire while I was in surgery...  a C-section on 2/27/91.  CNN by day, Improv at home,  happy fuzzy rainbows and Enya, Mozart, and I'd quit smoking.. 
Metal was NOT on the menu!
My BFF was at FAA so the phone bill was an issue......*cough*

(Squirreled off to smack Jon Stewart who is talking about Kansas Freudians... smdh)

The Hopewell was a ship that had been commanded by the famous Capt Henry Hudson on some earlier voyages, but on the voyage to America in 1632, it was not Capt Henry Hudson at the helm. This voyage produced a passenger list that was particularly interesting as the vast majority of the passengers were children. They were mostly young and our ancestor was amongst them. His name was Foster and he was only 14 years of age and was not accompanied by an adult. In fact most of these children where unaccompanied. At first I thought they must be children of earlier arrivals, but then I came across some interesting reading materials on old London town. It seems, the upper class in London was getting very frustrated with the many street children running loose in London. They began arresting them for almost anything and they stood trial. I read of one such child being hung for stealing a loaf of bread. Most were chosen to be shipped off to America to be adopted by colonists who had already lost their own children to the hardships of the frontier or who wanted nothing more than slaves. John Foster, our ancestor was on such a ship at the age of 14 and he was alone. I believe he was not adopted as he grew up with the foster name.

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