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Friday, August 8, 2014

"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" - Gordon Lightfoot (HD w/ Lyrics)

The Levittowners kept this hit high on it's playlist and committed to long term memory.

No one really wants to hear the actual Levittown@Belair, Bowie, MD's version
because it came out, "BLUE MEANIES" around "The Pit" in the woods we KNEW were haunted. 
It was built on top of a tobacco plantation... thus, "B'lair Witch"
The neighborhood was "Belle Aire" misspelled as "Belair" and as the French slurred, it came out "Blair"
Mr. LeBlanc, my French teacher at Bowie High, did the most filarious imitation of "Pepe le Pew" we ever heard.  He also taught German, but I didn't get in that class.  His star student taught me how to shout  "nice ass" at him for writing on the board in those tight, white, Sasson jeans.  How many shades of red did he turn?  Several..but we couldn't stop laughing because we knew better......we just couldn't help it!  We didn't want to get him into trouble for teaching us how uptight the French see US.
Being raised on "Dr. Doolittle", "Eliza Doolittle", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Queen",
you know....  REPUBLICANS!
Do not ask me what these DIXIECRATS think this means, but if we take the greed and translate it to the corporate plantation....  if they want an Oligarchy,
President Obama is CEO of USA, Inc and by MY crown, he's my proxy.

And I think We the People demanded PROTECTION for our CREW of the HMS USA.
I don't know the standard protocol for declaring myself a GLOBAL citizen on behalf of the captains and crew of my family, but when I figure out how to do this,

I'll be checking in for the forgotten legacies of the ships and mates who remained FAITHFUL to the creeds they swore allegiances to....BEFORE so many treaties were broken.

While we waited our turn to honor our Fathers and Mothers, faithful to GOD as our foundation, we KNEW our mileage was intended to vary in the pursuit of happiness.

"The French don't care too much, WHAT they do, as long as it's PRONOUNCED correctly"

We not only learned how to pronounce it, spell it and commit it to MEMORY!
I grew up knowing better than to write things down until I'd scouted out the situation at hand.
We were raised to be GREATLY OFFENDED by the perception of stupid put on us due to outward appearances.  I was taught how NOT to talk about it....but understand how and when to state the obvious to the morally deficient, bloviating ignoramus
And yes, "bloviating" IS a word now, dammit!
(eyestrain is an issue, so deal with the typos until I get time to edit with the right glasses or that Dragon software I can't afford yet.)
  /me points to paypal button

(Though I'm only ACTUALLY guilty of being a bit late with the rent at this point, I'm still getting evicted and need moving expenses while Craig's list stops listing so many lost leaders like this "would have been a nice place to recover from the past 30 years of NOT at all, newly- mowed BULLSHIT!)

So, we ran around the playground yelling and spelling, 

"Super-cali-fragil-istic ..." and "Anti-disestablishment Anti-Arianism" 
and other choice words and phrases that were NOT cuss words, but still kinda pissed of our educators.
We were allowed to debate things .....up to a point.
In turn, I permitted my own daughter to debate me......until my VETO powers kicked in as dictated by her MOTHER! 
Yes, mother's get EXTREME veto powers over our progeny WHEN it comes to their building a respectful defense as Newtonian physics proved BY LAWs of GOD and MAN until further fucking notice..... by their CREATORS.

And if men at some point pull a goof against nature,
AND somehow end up actually bringing a life into the world artificially,
Good luck with that "GOD" factor that makes love,art and passion for GOOD,

the domain of  WOMANHOOD. have more muscles.
and that's very nice....but

If they are used to oppress a woman, or mis-direct a woman.....

you've created an ENABLER!
And this is a very bad thing...

I rate my pain against hard labor induced by Pitocin.
Whatcha got, hotshot? got shot in the ass.....awww,
culito de rana

section had it's own elementary school.  I attended Buckingham
Elementary School and to keep kids from getting lost, all of the street
names started with the letter "B".  I didn't grow up on "Blackwell Lane"
because blacks couldn't buy homes there.
I'm sure Dad was a bit butthurt about that....since we were talking about his own freakin' street n all.
wanted to teach in the Levittown schools when she got her master's in
education.  That was the minimum requirement for Prince George's County.
taught 3rd grade in DC and with the boomers in school themselves, she
was looking to go back to school but Dad refused the free vasectomy and
the rhythm method wasn't exactly reliable.
With the civil rights
movement making things in Anacostia unsafe for uppity black folks and
presumed "mixed" couples.  (Mother was not Italian and neither is my big
The apartment now renting for $1300/mo on Shipley Terrace
was not big enough for a family of 5 and the boomers were getting too
old to share a room.
There was no time to build a house, and you
couldn't build one in a Levittown school since no one
would sell Dad a real house, he picked up a Levittown rancher from an
Army guy with orders.  The homes were rated to fit an E-4 enlisted
income.  The house was on the other side of Buckingham Elementary where
Blackwell Lane was. Dad worked at the base so his commute was a breeze
from the Rt 3 side.
Since the town was already known as "Bowie" (pronounced like a floater,not like the knife)
knew the street was named after somebody of import, but being bullied
by Mayflower brats, we were supposed to have dumped that
teenage-diplomat stuff.
We knew sailors spent a lot of time reading while out to sea, so naturally, I was reading Pooh by age 4

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