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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This was the fate of many Levittown garages.
With 9000 homes (5 different styles), the idea was blend in or blend out.
The funny thing I notice is how I know when this picture was taken.
My sister showed up with a kewl t-shirt from LA with a gorgeous hot air balloon on it, saying,
"I left LA to get AWAY from the Olympics"
My favorite events were the sports concentrated on the classical arts.
Gymnastics and figure-skating were top of my list.
I think it was 1980 and I hadn't seen my sister for the holidays in awhile.

It wasn't my idea to be raised Black curious.... I still hope to meet my cousin someday and compare notes.  It doesn't matter to me that we were related by marriage.  I was happy we had an author in the family.
 We weren't allowed to call her "Ntozake", but after her book hit the house, we could do no wrong for a minute.  For that, I was grateful for the temporary reprieve.
Her Aunt Shirley/my stepmonster from HACKENSACK, NJ - "ANDREA!!  YOU left a DISH in the SINK, you worthless retard!"
Me: "Well, yeah, I forgot......but Paulette wrote a whole book full of dirty WooooOOOooooords!
Perspective was a bitch....but the life of THAT special ed teacher's kid was a drag.  Congress awarded her with some attaboy upon retirement in the 80s after that warmongering bobblehead doll had his way with my generation's future.
I couldn't understand Ntozake's book until I actually socialized with black kids in high school....but I was afraid of the title.  I had my OWN reasons and had a pretty good clue she had her own, or knew why women of color faced such challenges.  I didn't even know it was popular until I saw it on my BFF's bookshelf.

I can't wrap my mouth around Penzance, so one day after Beck went on with his "sorry's" and Christie wit alla his "sorry's", soon come another buttload and I recorded a sorry assed rant with what I got to work with.  sorry about the sound quality, but it is using the physics of a room that size as I use a voice chat setting where someone sitting with me could interact. 
We can also stream a video or a podcast, listen to it in real time and hold a conversion using this medium.
I'm setting up a customized art studio for art therapy, but the software is free as it is.  Networking it on the cloud to databases of inventories, is an issue I hope we can resolve amicably, again.  (SOPA would restrict this technology, but it's no different than a skype call where two are sharing a 2D website.
(explaining it is cumbersome, so I'm working on the translations few want to bother translating from an engineer's POV as it pertains to free expression from the correct IEEE OSI model and it's appropriate pecking order) 

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