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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Which Blackwell's?

We're not sure, but I'm still working on it.
(update to Prove Me Wrong)

And since I'm feeling my Arcadian Asylum/otherwise afflicted roots,
I believe I will again say,
Dinasaurs rule the net and ....
Prove Neil De Grasse Tyson wrong before calling ME anything besides,
Andrea Maria Monica Blackwell
Many have Maria in their names.
I wish people gave more respect to the words they throw around.
I did a much better job of it before tech support.
But that's an occupational hazard we probably signed a waiver....
now I have to sleep...  (I actually hate when this happens.  I'm not 20)
Good Grief!  I just remember Ray helping me move!
and felt bad when a harlequin doll broke after he said he was worried about it.
"Don't worry about the vase, Neo"
It was the weirdest thing because he didn't even breath on the box!
Damn, I notice a lot of weird shit.
But when my time ran out at my brother's, he moved me into the Woodner
The guy didn't move out, I slept on the floor until he decided HE was gonna sleep on the floor until I moved out.
He pulled a naked man,
I was not amused.
And that's the story about the shoes in the video.
My friends and I went to the Pleasure Chest to see what the fuss was all about.
ONE of us, (not me), spent the entire time going,
more preppy than any brown girl should....
And that was around the block from Georgetown Park Mall and
No need to go into THAT movie right now.
But we saw Muriel Hemingway making a B-line for the mall.
And that's why we didn't bother her. 
She looked like she was on a mission!
We basked,
She was lovely
And we pained for her deeply.
I finally saw her father's house and I'm sure I don't have to add another anecdote
to that amazing motorcycle ride. 
 The clouds were oddly low. 
Well it was new to me, anyway.
I'm sleepy....not stuck on stooopid.
We are Lexington Blackwell's.  Who knew it was such a big, hoity-toity whup?
And why did greed have to go an jack up the earning potential of another generation?
At this stage of the game,
I would appreciate a little "bi-partison" cooperation.
I annoy people who do not want to deal on that level.
Damned Skippy!
Here I appointed myself to do all the bitchwork.

The stuck on stupid goes back a few HUNDRED years.
People with too much, spend too much time worrying about the END of things.
Tagging people and themselves with labels LONG before knowing who they are,
where they've been
and where they're going.
I think we called it a full-cycle analysis
I cling to truths that serve me well
Apply them liberally
to disparate situations.

 shup, I'm still thinkin.....
(helps deal with divergent squirrellies.  Nobody reads my brain-farts anyway..."
 Some brain storm vs brain-surfin.....  around a concept and a damned good story)

Meditation used to irk me because a good thought was too precious to let pass....easily
 Tappas and EFT helped.
PTSD comes from the mind pinging every traumatic event it sees...(according to me and what's laying around within reach.  concept....  ideas.... let them flow don't worry about mistakes until it's all out there ish.....  to review and work around.)
Or something like that...

I did tech support, so troubleshooting line problems up the links is why I know why the POTUS stammers.  ..sniffers.... Netview....avionic schematics.. science.
Learn, step back, observe, zoom out, do the swivel head thing we learned in the Navy.

Doesn't everybody do that?
It's a scientific thinking process ...logic.... a musician can see it as an art.
I don't have the math for it all.
Too much power is in the hands of too many people not really big with the knowing of things..
 Why do we let them do things?
We've got the Volts, they've got the Amps
What does one do with a family that says,
"God Bless the Chile'" when she HAS a family?
and selective bibling much?

On behalf of the overworked-underpaid, short-sheeted masses of the middle class,
How about making with the blessings anyway?
Less is not more when it comes to education.
And the hot topic 30 years ago has these headlines looking a bit fami----liar.
So?  What does one DO with a useless commodity on an open market?
Let's see who picks up the phone so I can see about building yet ANOTHER new career.
The market trend from the cloud, (V-Sat, UNIX Networking, Management)
 applied to a 10-yr, electronic social experiment (Political Science, Education, Healthcare)
Would make a fascinating study as the major players on the grid converge and settle in their communities.
Ratchet Roadside Philosopher / geekgoddess
Who Am I?
I love the quest and the stories I can build on it.
While I learn how to play this guitar,
 it's earning my respect as I get to know it upside down.

I found him on 11/11 and we're still strangers.
Erik, Prince George Seals Blackwell of Lexington III, esq......

Dad never found anyone from the Virginia Blackwell's since the 70s,
and Sterling hasn't had any luck either.  They don't seem interested.
 I'm arranging the photos...kind of NDN way order.  Those Above me are "moms and dads".
Grandparents above them and to the side are "sisters and brothers".
This includes the Blackwells from Grandad's siblings like his sister, Nadine Blackwell Seals, who had quite a crew! My grandfather's sister Nadine had 10 kids in Higginsvile, MO and her daughter Claudette had 11. (did I get that right?)  I met 150 new cousins in one day.  I'm a bit overwhelmed after a lifetime of solitary confinement. 

No, that's not Cab Calloway, that's Grandad!  And Dad said he was Osage before he passed.  This month, 4 years ago.

I'm still arranging photos...  and updating as I go along, or start a new post and figure out how to put it together.  After being in 3D for so long, it's seriously weird to hop back and forth like this.
There are some apps and 3d Gizmos coming up already that will be of great use to One Big Soup.

And I think I figured out how to put the email conversation between Richard Marcus as the 3 or 4 conversation threads.  Things started moving forward before I was able to sort it all out.

While I'm on pause for some parts of this project, I still am not feeling all that "disabled".
Today's a good day for aloe juice.  My tinnitus is extremely loud, so I'll be looking to drown out the noise with some really good music.
I think that VA hearing aid cost around 4200$
Since I rarely shop for things I don't intend to spend money on, and hadn't tried the new headsets!
After Big O confiscated the VA paper-shredders, I was able to pry myself out of that red state and head on westward.  I'd considered joining a cousin in Costa Rico, but after all things considered, I really needed to recover from the past 30 years and focus on writing these stories people keep bugging me to compile.
After burning it on both ends and the middle, my true passion is fading... the  Afterglow headset filled my head with so much music,
I couldn't believe I still had that much left!
I wasn't built to embrace any kind of mediocrity, 
Seriously, get a grip.
I'm no "Great I Am",
I'm just love a good challenge.
If I can't play, I might play along.
So, who am I?
A critic?
Some kind of bullshit-o-meter?
IDK, I'm just yackin' at the ether...and see what comes back.
I'm full duplex like that, n shit....  smdh

People who don't know themselves,
Have a helluva nerve presuming MY identity.
just sayin'...

And my immediate Blackwell's aren't allowing me to write this and recover, in the house in New Bern because I can't afford to rent it.
It's too good for me.
My sister says, It's just a little house, you should just get over it and get a job!
Shirley said she was cleaning houses at MY AGE.
mm hmm

And donated Dad's library to the New Bern Public Library after I made a fuss about the books already lost in the mail. And I'm a spoiled brat.

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