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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rubio Marcos and Ted Cruz = worst immigrants EV-ER

yay, ‘Murika!!1
Oh good grief!
Rubio Marcos and Ted Cruz are probably the very worst examples of immigration, I've ever seen!

I divorced better... even if you go back to SPAIN, I kicked his ass in England and we could do that shit all the way back to the battle of freakin' Hastings.  It's a running joke on where they'll go AFTER they're done jacking up Miami.
And no, it's not like that.  I have GREAT respect for the women in his family, even when they're in the wrong.  I knew why things came off the way HE TOLD THEM they went off.
He lied, it was wrong, and I don't care how GTOP he goes with it, I am not done rectifying the character assassination of Nobody N. Particular.

Oh, if anyone knows anything about the Anglo-Saxon Lexington Blackwell's of 1066....splat it right here...  por favor. 
I'm not sure which crest to look at, the Lion or the Greyhound I guess it's between Durham and Lexington-Oxford.
It's going to be fun because I've already sharpened my claws on Trump.  The King George types pulled a "Boris" out of their ass and he's like an albino version of that little bitch. 
He seemed to have started out alright.... 
not new.

Just look at this mess!

I wouldn't be blood to some other folks in the family, but if we hit "Moor", I'm having a great time either way!
As far as net neutrality, I had an interesting conversation with a firm called Husch-Blackwell.  I was hoping to meet my uncle, but...  they think he's passed and I still haven't found a photo of him to see what side of the fence he's on, but the folks at the Lexington Historical society were shocked to know a "Real Blackwell" was still breathing.
The funny thing is that someone from the firm wrote about the problem getting good help these days and I really don't know how to respond to that....without letting loose the kraken of one who's been overqualified since about Y2K.  The bitchwork I was doing before I got laid off wasn't near as interesting as the one that ended my contract before.  They found a guy more suitable for the position and about two weeks after he accepted the gig, we had ourselves a laugh the CEO will NEVER understand on his best day.
When I met him, after not getting the job I'd been doing for months, he understood to stand by for about 2 weeks before we talked about the jacked up situation at hand.
When I interviewed for the permanent gig, with one of those CEOs that think they know what's better for you than what your obvious plans for something completely different....
There was a point when I knew he had no intention of following through like a real man would.  So I asked, what was I lacking in order to actually qualify for the position I was pursuing,
It was my favorite thing to do, I liked the employees, I was proficient doing my own work as well as the load of the actual systems manager and the MSCE cert who never showed up on time and actually showed up on a Friday just to turn in a bogus time sheet.  He pulled a snowden and they finally got rid of him after knowing full well, I was pulling the load.
So...  though I generally maintain good eye to eye contact, that question momentarily dropped my gaze to around his belt buckle and he turned his back to me and looked out the window.
While I was doing my job, it is KNOWN that IT is not to blame for what falls under the an email saying..  
"Andrea's cute and she works hard"
....  Oh?
And suggest that I might be happier at ATT or HP?  ....where I ended up having already declined a previous offer.  What part of EDS did this moron not see on my resume? 
Yes, I enjoyed color coding the printer servers in day-glow purple...  that's how it's freakin' DONE when one has the option and do NOT fuck with my switch,
"I don't give a fuzzy rat's ass who's sharpie wrote 'ENG' on it..." 
And it took a long time to earn the respect that let me scold them like that!
And laugh about it right then.
I got one guy to help out, and most of his day was spent with Jr. wanabe beatbox NOT getting over himself or being much help to anybody but himself.  The kid idolized him, so his ego went THATTA way.. 

Morgan Freeman played a Moor and I saw James Earl Jones play Othello.  So I'm freakin' loving where the genealogy goes.
And if I miss and hit a "Life of Brian" situation, it would be an even bigger last laugh.
Besides beating his behind in a game of Joust, I'm networking to see if I can get a student in Xanadu to do an interview about our so-called "legacies". 

And here's my rant about all those jacked up sorries
 it's just a voice test while testing my studio...  I'm working with the mic position settings ...  that micro tweak crap I hate with a purple passion...  anyway..

I'm drawing from some talent in the family.  It's been a really hard transition and this work keeps my mind distracted from the discomforts of wear and tear..   It seems I'm doing OK because someone who hadn't seen me in a few months regarded me as something that had resurrected from a near death state.  I got here tired and getting settled into this apartment has been the worst move ev-er in the history of me!
This play is by a niece of my Hackensackonian stepmother.
We made do after Mother passed by making the best of a tragic loss that kicked Dad into a pit no human should be expected to just get over. 
A brain like that has few choices when faced with such an amputation to the soul. 
When I as kicking my sociopath to the curb, Dad and I had a few long LONG talks about it.
By the time I'd studied my siblings for the duration,
At 2, my sister's best friend white flighted away and my first shock was learning
people were afraid of me, a two year old.  I was shocked! 
I held up two fingers, which was the cool thing to do in 1967 (peace)
I probably noticed someone saying, "Peace, cool it"
and someone would shut up.

I was 3 when Mother passed, her record says 1/2/1969
I was 6/20/65 and people do weirdness when they do the math on that.
Have at it.  I can't finance a potato chip anyways.
Ah, the simple freedoms of being completely fucked.
5 at Dad's wedding
Jon-Jon went to a different elementary school after kindergarten.
He remembers my telling the class of my nightmare of how Mother passed.
A medical mistake at GW Hospital..
probably an unnecessary DNC after another 1st trimester miscarriage.
I haven't had my chart read in a long while, might as well put it here and see if
anybody could advise me of what's up for me this year....
I'm a Snake on the Chinese calender and this is supposed to be a banner year.
It said last year was the pits.
There's a no-shitter for both cheeks,
Thanks for the memories.

This is the first time I've ever had my brain to myself,
So compartmentalizing ideas building on the past 30 some-odd years..
has been an issue.
I'm feeling a bit of urgency as the wingnutz wind down the clock on issues that are very important to me. 
Multicultural education (not pimping diversity)
and did I say, EDUCATION!?!?
and the obvious civil rights madness that pissed off Elizabeth Blackwell who said,
things in much rounder tones than I've been able to manage.
We were not permitted to speak as I do in the practice videos.

6 when she got jealous and fired my nanny, Olga
I forgot when the neighbor's maid left, but that ripped a big hole in my heart.
The family was very understanding when she held me in her lap.
I loved her to pieces.
And their dog, "Flowers" was a hoot!
Most of my rants are for my generation and our kids.
My stories are far to common to be a surprise that some are more motivated by their passions than their wallets.  The Obama family is what we could have been had Mother survived.
A good way to piss me off is to tell me that anyone in her place is the same thing after losing her so young.
Well, I was taught from a very young age that we never really forget anything, or anyone and the trick is to locate it.  I remember events and their impact on me, what I learned and it usually pings harder when it's a hypocrisy I'm observing.
When I finally started to settle in my she-ra cave....stuff started breaking down..  Mercury did a number on some of my gear.
I was always fascinated by miniatures
 that marvelous Cinderella castle (a pair of glass slippers sitting on the head of a pin)
The miniature model of the Loop in Chicago,
 I couldn't put together one of those model Piper-cub kits, and I made a mess of that model DeLorean for being clumsy with the glue.  (cheep, cheep, cheep) supplies.. 
And then threw it at some kid and broke it..around '75.
I wasn't a bookworm, per say.  If I played coy enough, I could get 5$ per book out of that wallet, damned Skippy.
I was one of a gajillion kids who built a moon base out of Legg's eggs...of all the packaging genius to dump.  Fat Albert had a junk yard to scavenge...geee-whizzzz....
village, cutaways, landrover,  in the Smithsonian.
Eyeballing stuff and building things was my brother's thing. 
Dad and I weren't so capable.  He was so Huxtable on that point.
I didn't see any reason to go to the mattresses over what little came out of that mudroom.
I had a messy room.  He made a toybox.
He and a neighbor made a new bedroom in the house, but they got real builders to do "The addition"
He loved "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" as well.
I didn't get to that until I was grown.
Dad had me reading Homer, 1984, Brave New World, Isaac Asimov, didn't make it through Dianetics but wonder what that thetan test is about........

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