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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Sesame Street: Andrea Bocelli's Lullabye To Elmo

Andrea Maria Monica Blackwell  and none of those names, in FACT, start with an "N"

But can a sistah get a dental plan?
And the Survey says...."NO"

Because I'm a "nigger"

even to my own family who sold me that Ayn Rand shit via a stepmonster from Hackensack, NJ

Who says I deserved it because she was treated that way.
NO, I'm pretty sure she wasn't.

At my age, she was riding my FATHER to her comfort zone in ANOTHER FREAKING BEDROOM!

since the 1970 when I asked him to send her back because I liked Olga better!  I wanted to learn her languages and wanted her to do my hair WET like she knew how from GUATEMALA and she is Japanese, married and I hope doing wonderfully in California somewhere.
I only remember her first name was "Olga" but it came out, "Awga" and I'm sorry about that.  I was 5 when she suddenly disappeared with none if any "good-byes".  For all I knew, she went to visit Mother who I was still waiting for.... hypocrisy was all around me, I never understood death or the fear of it.....I just knew I wasn't wrong to think it was stupid to be afraid of a 2 year old, holding up a peace sign.....with TWO messages at the dinner table.  We were the first family of color in Levittown@Belair, pronounced, B'lair and Bowie was pronounced, "Buoy" because we were 2 hours from the ocean.  oops, I mean 3 hours.  (Ironmoccasin in the family)

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