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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I've got a BLISTER on my finger!

I'm trying out different lefty charts to see which are easiest on the eyes.
There are a gajillion You Tube videos to chose from, so at this point, I'm just getting used to NOT playing "Dust in the wind upside down....
or is that backwards? 
 I suppose it has to do with the mobility of my right hand, 
from all those Bach inventions, that I was able to pick it out,
 but my left hand was never really up to it anyways.
Since I never grew out of playing piano flat-handed, who knows how far this will go, but the point is to do it.... and see what happens.  So, I'm picking out charts....
As for the videos, it's quite a lot like learning how to write, without doing that hand hook thing.  I'm actually ambidextrous, and started out writing from the left side of that huge paper to the middle.  From the middle, to the right side, it just seemed logical to switch hands...until my teacher wigged out about it.  No, not really, but I was told to chose one hand and by first grade, I was pretty sure blending in was neither an option....nor a desire.
There are things that make you seem "cool", 
And there are things that make you "YOU".
What's a foundation, if nothing is built on it?
What can be built on a weak foundation?
And what can you really build,
without an axe?


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