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Friday, February 14, 2014

Ulali - Rattle Songs.wmv

Ulali - Rattle Songs.wmv

Oh yeah....that's the stuff!
I wore out every copy I had!  
It was like growing up in '98, my baby was 7 and the buzz was high on and AOL chat rooms.

I highly recommend this music as soon as that stick turns. 
Had I known,
I'd have been a cradleboard beading,
frybread makin',
Ulali singing fool.
It would have been nice to know this rattle music back then.

Maybe I'll find those pictures I took with that Mavica someday.

I didn't appreciate the crap I got when I was trying to set up the back yard as I wanted it.

tipi, koi pond, sweat lodge, two dogs and a kid


Yeah, well....not while freedom envy persists.

Before they ripped up the trees around the fenceline, nobody could even see it from the street or from most sides, as if.

I'm sure they had a big picnic 4 years later when the house finally sold for a 50K markup.

some very nice neighbors, and some of the worst racists who thought they knew the meaning of the word,"bigotry.

For instance.

I come home and see my daughter playing with the boxers, headed up the street.

After the usual interrogation, she completely brainfarts something for a few weeks.

As it turns out, the dogs had been getting out and the neighborhood watch (RWNJ pastor's wife ) was telling my kid to get the dogs.....I was not informed.

Meanwhile, her cat thinks ALL of the gardens in the neighborhood are his personal catbox.

and my dogs evil because they'd snack on the cat's food

while I didn't know about the hole in the fence.

For, I still don't know how long, I didn't realize that every time my kid was out with the dogs, she was retrieving them from having snuck out.

Otherwise, they were in the back yard  yelping because they'd jumped over the electric fence to get to the tipi to ignore the deer hide and chew on the tipi's leather!

They knew not to be caught chewing on the sweat lodge, but that electric fence was useless.


yeah, I'll get back to motherhood and clip the neighborhood buzy-body society later.

My mind went to it after knee-jerking the news about that jackass who supports the freedom to post a ginormous rebel flag at the ONLY entrance to Wilton Manors in Cobb County in Ackworth.

My tipi was weird, but that HUGE rebel flag after being on the phone all day with the misogynistic, overpaid nerds I had to support all day....  and then the long list of demands from what men there expect from their womenfolk...  ah, you make too much/ not enough money...

Then they sold the gig, then the garage while I was bursting an appendix in 'Darko.

trying to recover!


Things were looking almost like I was going to catch up in '98.

for a contract to EDS after Ross Perot sold it.

ugh.....what a drag

These songs were as uplifting to me, but probably an ear-burn to those in ear shot.

Somehow, my daughter thinks I have a nice voice.

I've been listening.....  it's gotta be a mother-daughter thing


There was a great deal of controversy for having women at the drum.

My personal opinions are contrary to tradition, so when I asked about it,

the right thing to do was stand aside when I was in Kiowa country.

I've been in touch with my NDN-way sisters.

I may need to scan the Kiowa newsletter.  I'll try it later and see

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