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Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's the End of the World As We Know it by R.E.M (Lyrics on Screen)

That's funny, wasn't it the end of the world when 1984 happened in 1984?
This was the theme song for my Periscope Down version of the DADT Navy.
I was married and freedom friendly, and the other un-mainstreamables called me "family".

they were there for me when the Navy weren't pleased when I was
expecting when my ex went out to sea.  The Forrestfire burned and
delayed his deployment and he was glowing on a southern beach in France or Egypt
when I gave him the good news.
He joked about how no civilian clothes
helped disguise the gleaming white sailors walking down the beach.  He felt more
nakie than the sunbathers.
But this was our general attitude when we learned of the BIG lie that was Desert Shield/Storm.
But more so after I lost the baby.

They knew he was gone and harassed me and would NOT prove that horrid smelling black tar goop was safe for pregnant women to work around. 

I found out it was NOT something I should have been subject to and they did it on purpose because someone ELSE did the maintenance and didn't finish the job water proofing with the sealant  nauseating that was putrid even if you weren't preggers.

and NO, the motorcycle didn't cause a miscarriage!  NDN women road HORSES, but they didn't lug around heavy tool boxes! 

 And no, she who sold yourself out....I don't care if you went bowling while pregnant, it's tacky to show the birth video at a party AND your ball didn't weight upwards of 25 pounds, you ridiculous twit!

And I don't care how much you got pregnant to let you marry your boyfriend, if your MOTHER is raising your child, SHE's the woman, not YOU.  (and there WERE kings and queens in Africa just like Coming to America)

So much electronics, yet dumb as a k-nob.

"That's so fakey, there's no such thing as kings and queens in AFRICA!"

 I was long past sick of tolerating such intolerance, when we had a really cool gig!

was no SOP for dealing with things that weren't issued in our seabags,
and my only outlet was a priest, who was indifferent as the supervisors,
one of whom had a wife 6 months along.  HE KNEW BETTER!

were not pleased when the indifference to my family was met with as much
indifference towards their pathetic mission to destroy my legacy....a
GS15 Step D called "Dad".
I didn't know he was such a high ranking
"sir" until those asshats made a big deal about his security clearance. 
It was kind of stupid since I hadn't any they should have
as I found out later.  A security clearance for a P-3 Orion sub-chaser,
would have helped my civilian career.  An aviation anti-submarine
warfare technician in the Navy, worked on ALL the black boxes on those
But they thought it was funny to test me to the point where I
called Dad to see if he could see what I was up to.  The man was still
in the NSA dungeon, so that backfired and they're probably on a list
somewhere for killing my unborn child.
That was 1990 and no, one does not just GET the hell OVER IT!

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