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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Muze Intuitions

Artwork of Veronica M. Estrada

Dad was into Yoga when I thought we were just goofing around, standing on our head, handstands against the wall, frog stands.  Mother probably played Gumby doll with me, so I had fun with mini-me.
Because you have to do baby stretches with a great deal of care, I watched her face carefully.  It was an easy routine to adopt.  Diaper changes were the perfect time for her workouts.
Though kids are tougher than we know, I decided to regard her bones with the strength of a chopstick split in quarters.
I don't remember what the video it was, but it kinda had us playing like her limbs were air plane controls and I was her pilot.
We could hear the jet base from the condo we were renting, so sound fx were part of the fun.
The dates of my enlistment and her birth pinged some interesting dates in politics.
It was from 9-10-87 to 1-17-91 and they called the cease-fire while I was having the c-section.
When Dad showed up, he laughed when I teased him about not really being all that "retired".

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