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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The truth about SPAM and fry bread

I've never seen this method before, but it's been a really long time!

When the Hollywood, Florida powwow left, I learned how to make fry bread on Powwows dot com and AOL's Native American Chat room!
since SPAM was upscale from commods, the real stuff was considered
posh.  We laughed when the SPAMburger came out and I used it instead of
the sausage they had at the fair. 
It was SOOOO good we buzzed about variations...  some like a little sugar in the dough.
Then I went on a mission..
I took a load to L5P in a Georgia chili contest/cornbread contest and they loved it.
by then, we were getting harassed by SNERTs in the metaphysical chat
room, telling us it was evil to talk about String Theory and Celestine
Prophecy in the dial-up days.

When people came in complaining
about our talks about Great Spirit, or whatever, I got the SPAM sketch
from the BBS boards and blasted them out of the room with the Aohell
Otherwise, you couldn't paste that much in a chat window. 

SPAM and Frybread became a formidable weapon!

Our jobs were a crushing bore, but we weren't dead yet.

And this is how we dealt with the boring task at hand.
Without diversions, they knew we'd burn out fast.  When the suits were gone and we had hours to go, we took the day out on Barn Doom to work it off before dragging it home.

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