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Monday, July 28, 2014

American Pie notes

Interesting..  especially about Fargo/Moorehead
The Beatles had problems in Jacksonville, FL as did Metallica in 1988
(Bible belt...go figure tornado alley)
My Levittown / Levy-town was outside of DC
When Mother passed on Feb 1, 1969, there was a great deal of buzz
and it pointed to not Dad's agency, but someone who wanted to keep us
out of politics.  MLK's widow, Malcolm's widow..... 
The Sacred Heart Church community came out in droves when Mother passed.
Our neighbors loved her fiercely, but many were jealous and thought we were planted there because Dad earned his master's in Political Science in the 50s at George Washington University but he took a left at the light, to Ft. Meade after serving in the Navy as a corpsman (Class of 49 from Lincoln High in Kansas City)

The patch says "Leaders" backwards and pronounce
"Rey-dels".  (For Deltas?)  I'm missing the
yearbook now.  *sigh*

Category: Expedition, sailed 1635

Categories: Great Migration Ships

<-- Grandady's Pin it was really tiny and also last seen in Oregon..

Before Dad passed, he told me to check shipping routes and businesses.
The records were eked out to the web, but it's been a long time since I've had an account with ancestry, so I'm remembering some old conversations in the National Archives.

Expedition, sailed 1635
The Expedition, Master Blackwell, sailed 1635, departing London, England, arriving Barbadoes.
"20 Novembris 1635
Theis under-written names are to be transported to the Barbadoes imbarqued in the Expedition Peter Blackwell Mr. The Men have taken the oaths of Allegeance & Supremacie: And have been examined by the Minister of the Towne of Gravesend touching their Conformitie to the ordrs & discipline of the Church of England die et Ao prd."

*I thought there was a crewman named Blackwell on the 1635 True Love  

So, this takes us to where 

And we're still at 42
yay, GOD!
Mother's nickname was MIMI, not Mina! 
Elizabeth Blackwell was the
first female doctor.
I rather scoffed at the UK cheater, but rather put off by the Grim stories slandering women of science.
I was teased as a cheater for reading too young.
What interested me in the ERA days, was her role as a suffragette!  I was happy that subject was covered.  ((shudder))

As it turns out by what I've read so far.... she and I were far too alike.  I always rejected Freud as a perv....and after awhile it was ridiculous to apply it to a scientific mind.

At Ocean City,MD "Macho 1"= "Mach One" the name of a Latin band in DC '84?  Ahhh hair gel and PINBALL.  Post Rio Perm, pre-curl with pink lightning strike. My mallrat days and dancing salsa on the beach!
Oh yeah...  my boyfriend couldn't go, and I didn't want to be bothered.  We were practicing for something and after practicing "Ice Cream Castles", the Korg blew a fuse and I couldn't play the gig!  grumble... I think I even got a speeding ticket on my birthday!  We knew of a cousin named "Iron Moccasin"back then.  There's a picture somewhere with her hair shaved.... (the rant) 
Hey, It's Slash's folks!  Grandmother's second husband was a Black/NDN named Foster.  She'd dismissed her first when Mother and Uncle Tommy were kids.  She let him go and built a home out of two railroad cars!  What a BETTY!  But she was a happy Golden Girl, so "Dorothy" fits.   



The Hopewell was a ship that had been commanded by the famous Capt Henry Hudson on some earlier voyages, but on the voyage to America in 1632, it was not Capt Henry Hudson at the helm. This voyage produced a passenger list that was particularly interesting as the vast majority of the passengers were children. They were mostly young and our ancestor was amongst them. His name was Foster and he was only 14 years of age and was not accompanied by an adult. In fact most of these children where unaccompanied. At first I thought they must be children of earlier arrivals, but then I came across some interesting reading materials on old London town. It seems, the upper class in London was getting very frustrated with the many street children running loose in London. They began arresting them for almost anything and they stood trial. I read of one such child being hung for stealing a loaf of bread. Most were chosen to be shipped off to America to be adopted by colonists who had already lost their own children to the hardships of the frontier or who wanted nothing more than slaves. John Foster, our ancestor was on such a ship at the age of 14 and he was alone. I believe he was not adopted as he grew up with the foster name.

Grandad was civil service, a shriner and had a news stand. 

Lots of "music" died around that time.
What passes for music at any time in history,
.... one's mileage tends to vary,
And this is a GoOD THING!
Even if it's kinda weird,
There is a point of view being expressed.
And the artist is a teacher in this respect..
"Hey, this is what the people you don't know have to say....grumbling..."You ignorant, sod... got me doing this contract work for scraps, when I got better things to..  (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)

The Jew-fro was a big hit in the day.
"that music" was a nice way to say what bigot's called "n-bomb music"
Elvis and the Beatles were accused of being lovers of the kind of music that challenged them to make people of color dance.
Chances are, if you pulled a Blurred Lines, we'd recognize the acknowledgement and <jump,twirl> or something...
Hand jive was handy....for passing on the "ghetto codes" with discretion.
When we study the history of the real classics,
And do our best to let them know, we know...oeoeo

People really don't know how to read me sometimes,
I'm snarky as hell..yackin' at the ether...
Learning True Lies of the internet makers, trying to build a new world
on the cloud.
I'm a systems analyst and a troubleshooter, people call "overqualified" when NASA wasn't hiring.
And the world has to have a war on something, or it can't get off it's ass to avoid the lemmings..

I remember flags NOT lowering for the death of Martin's Queen.
They dropped like flies for the Bobble-head doll....
And I was so FURIOUS for Kiowa country, being denied employment because my resume, if they read it right, says, the unemployable word,
"Brown Female Engineer....yeah, THAT ONE!"
They take me for the "Oracle"
They should have given me the job.
I'm Muze of Arcadia, as it turns out.
People really oughtn't make shrines for people who aren't dead.

And really pissed when I found out I was looking for the Osage, AFTER I left. And figured they would get online eventually.  The department of Interior cut NDN nations off the internet.  (there was too much truth in it)  If you didn't have cable, all they got by air was Fox news.  lying to the masses..  but they got more news from the singers on shows like Xfactor..
Who made Jesus a rock star in the first place?
OK, so in 1964, my folks integrated Levittown (Levitt's and Son's tract housing /social experiment/ great "equalizer")
And let's say Cairo was DC and he grew up in the burbs, near the Beltway (Silk road)
And his dad took him around town, doing business, and the pretty eyed, olive skinned, all that lovely olive oil running around.  I'll bet his locks were gorgeous!
...and he's SO well spoken!
cut to Jesus..  "and so are YOUUUUUUuuuuuu!  Well done.  Mother, can we GO NOW?"
We have friends who's eyes change colors when ticked off...sooo
Or very reflective off clothing.

Anyway, for music history's sake and future of roadside philosophy,
Here's the homework:

Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 soundtrack (careful of tainted recordings, and incomplete or out of sequence recordings.)
Billy Jack
B-Movie Gil Scott Heron
The Revolution will NOT be Televised
The 1635 True Love Expedition to Barbados
(there's a comedy group saying the POTUS made them write that stuff)
There was a cartoon about Bush...if you missed it..  smdh
What is the best source for the legend of Blackbeard who was hung in New Bern, NC?

The Unknown
The Discovery

Learn the Pirate's Creed of Ethics
And answer who pimped the Scarlett Pimpernel?
Did the Beatles "fit the suit" or the ideology?
Oh yeah..  class warfare...we've never seen THAT before.
And tell me if it's illegal to auction my own handprint?

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