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Sunday, July 6, 2014

I forget where I posted those nasty notes left by those people BELOW me, who think they have a right to bully people out of their healing and "peaceful enjoyment" over people who earned the right to live here over a year.
But it's really strange to see people casually say..  "Oh yeah, the zombies and the satan worshippers....I'm leaving too"

So, with everything as ready as I can make it until I can pack up the boxes and wait for the DAV to help get me moved before they run out of money....
All I can afford to do is write and set up my office on the cloud (OAR) and let it run while I'm transitioning, YET AGAIN!
And why?  Because it's legal to lie out your ass, both cheeks while pushing someone illegally out of their home  I warned her several times to back off because I was already disabled and all she was going to get out of me was federal harassment charges out of revenge or whatever the hell is their problem that they blame every bump in the night on me, when this place is ALWAYS noisy and her husband parties like a banshee, drinking and toking up when she's not around.  And when they have a fight, he or she burns rubber out of the parking lot with no regard for the safety of the kids who live around here.

They always ask residents to offer suggestions to make the place more family oriented.  The kids are more adult than these right to be more bigoted and aggressively ignorant and manipulative....than anywhere I've been on purpose.
Rental contracts are written to screw the renter, especially when they're hot on flipping an apartment.
So-called people actually have the nerve to DEMAND the right to speak their mind with no thought to the rights of people listening to them spew.  I show respect for USEFUL knowledge I don't have, but to turn around and decide my knowledge was a waste of time because we're the same...  and they can have the right to offend someone's legacy with no knowledge of it, whatsoever?
That's a BIGOTRY, in it's purest, and ugliest form.  Talking half an inch above the head of a moron claiming "I'm not ignorant", is probably the most ignorant person of them all.  And no, I don't give a fuzzy rat's ass how much you had to overcome to find me attractive, you CAN'T HAVE ME, in anyway, shape or form. 
So..  back to what I CAN do, while people go on and on and on and on about what they CAN'T do.

I'm working out the build I've been working on for years, and had to wait for the technology to catch up.....out of the clutches of those holding it down to cash in on it LONG beyond it's time.

I'm currently streaming great music on the var region of Xanadu running 9 sims on one instance of opensim.  There's still a bump in the hypergrid if servers are crossing over winblows to the UNIX systems, but hopping to the hubs nearby, is resolving that problem.
and hey..  PHYSICS!  *woot*

The roller-coaster was masterfully done with only scripts, but real physics simulation vehicles are extremely fun to drive, fly and such.
What I didn't expect to find was what I never had time to work out on Gimp.
How to customize a mesh avatar.  They just released an update that fixes more problems with personalizing our own characters and other items and now we are designers for actual physical items for use in 3D printers.
And now with the OAR out on a server here or,
far far away, in the UK or Germany or wherever...we can share designs as it was supposed to be when Linden Labs knew why we were invested on it's grid.
They even have Arcadian Asylum builds, meant to be used and shared, locked in Second Life's game, while we can't have the textures we paid for.
By virtue of Second Life being a hostile workplace, it's no longer the sandbox, thinktank it was when we re-built our communities, after AOL broke up the gang.

The OARS I've sent out have a paypal button if someone wants to help me with operating costs to keep it going until I can finally build up for the next bit.
The only reason we got this far is that the software we couldn't afford while we were slaving all over the corporate plantation, watching in horror at incompetent clients worked us like dogs, while lying about a future in the company. 

By my watch, I should be paying at LEAST 6 digits to a staff of at least 33, working from wherever they happen to be at the moment.  Thanks wingnuts for messing up the troops with that garbage he's now eating, not fast enough.

But once again, jealousy rears it's fugly head and I gotta get out of the zombie apocalypse zone because the VA jacked up my pay again. 
Well, at least I'm out of FARGO where people think their homes the size of a Levittown Colonial, is worth a million$ and to keep up with the "Jones's", they BUY new stuff to put on the curb for spring cleaning pickup......for scavengers to haul away.
I saw an ad for real pre-fab houses that look similar to ones made in SL for the mundane venues...  300K - 500K? ! 

eyes still jacked up.  have to wait to edit....  busy busy..

Go grab a copy and have a great time!  Creative Commons licenses are posted for use information.
There's a paypal donation box people can modify ...  feel free to keep me in ramen noodles while I get to the next step.

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