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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

When one of my Bob's are AFK, ibabble it's math for me.

I asked around, and found out why I'm confused with "Arcadia".   I think she owned a fab venue for lightworkers.  She sang the Buddhist sutras and crafted lovely crystal steam baths.  I'd offered to help her since she was overworked.  We were praying for Dad when he went into hospice.  The morons knew I had no real job, so I didn't want to stress out Dad while he was fighting cancer for the 4th time.     My sister is still a jacked up individual...and my sister in law can't give me Whitney tech support voice when I outrank her insurance dealing ass.  They sliced him up good in the surgery she announced, and thinks I didn't pray for him.  I told her I was profoundly disappointed in her, for not taking better care of him and letting him get hooked on Glenn Beck
[8:19:37] muzebl: Too many liars here, leading me on, but I don't feel safe with where cynics and posers go with their fears when they check my genealogy research and say words that scare people because they fear I'm evil.  I'm not evil, I'm an avionics technician.  (swivel heads have great peripheral acuity)  And I have quite a sharp BS-o-meter.  I think I really need to be an expat where disenfranchised nobles can just talk about the 1600s, or 1066 like it was yesterday, instead of the butthurt masses jealous of those who can count that far back.  It's a fascinating story!  Who wouldn't want to write it?
[8:27:27] muzebl: I've had a strategy to deal with these things.  I need to know more than most people to achieve my goals, and I'm rarely satisfied until someone in the REAL knowing of things, has the creds to say I've reached a milestone...  I tend to dismiss the raves and compliments of tone deaf people in regards to my skills.  So when my FATHER said I'm a systems analyst, he really didn't know how far I carried the skills into my life.  I'm was an empathetic child BEFORE I learned customer service.  So, I met someone who wants to teach me Scottish and sail up and down the coast for a week.  It's only 500$!  But...  this IS the porn capitol of the country, thanks to Ron Jeremy's club...  sigh..  funny as hell!  Harley biker, funny as hell....  gave me a prop dabloon at one of the many shopping centers near here.  You would hate it with a purple passion..
[8:32:37] muzebl: It's sad really..  just like Levittown.  If you know the album "American Pie" .. and learn the codes of it, the song has so little to do with Buddy Holly, I'm working on the bits we talked about when we were growing up on it.  We lost Casey Casem from the American Top 40 show...  he laid out the hits and the amazing stories behind them ..  the best history teacher that I think about it.  Of course we take it for granted.  That's the point of multicultural education.  I bother you because I need to know who I am, and what to build on my true foundation.
[8:50:15] muzebl: The Bible can be simple, as it was taught to me.  Douay Rheims for those who are too conservative, KJV for when things get too liberal..  so here we are, and Rome's burning AGAIN!  My brother is 55 years old, and just had a horribly invasive medical procedure.  and again, during the HELL of my life, his wife sends me a 25$ gift card to AMAZON! when they were just busted for holding up orders from CERTAIN publishers?  GADS, we gotta be real time with books on ipads.  And yeah, I got the old teachers checking my math...  and fareaking at how much they held us back.   We loved them because they gave us a lovely place to learn, HOW to learn, not what to learn.  Homeschooling was not an option except for those who could afford it.  I just wanted to socialize!  I didn't give a fuzzy rat's ass about most of the crap they were droning us, but I learned a bit too late how to fly UNDER the RADAR ..  so I had to fly into it.  These people are really easy to distract...  But yeah, we were not raised to talk much about how I noticed Grandma looked a lot like George Washington.  Yeah, it was back iin our little buddy days when it was just the two of us..  hanging around the Smithsonian and his frustration with my taking in what I needed to know, not dates and such.  I needed to know how the events related to each other on a global scale.  The DC area was known to have been laid out by a Mason Lafayette.  well, he was Moorish.  That's why I don't belong here.  I was raised to be a global citizen.  That's why I was interested in UNESCO, but they made some horrendous decisions.  What, still butthurt over the Taj Mahal?  I'd like to see the Hope Diamond repatriated ...  with a great deal of pomp and circumstance..  and I don't care if we've been looking at a copy.  That's just one example of outstanding quality we've admired no matter what it's made of.  They probably have plenty of footage of me gazing at the thing on one of my unauthorized field trips...  I took to playing hooky at the Smithsonian when they took mother's survival benefits..  Loyola was out.  West Pointe Military academy came sniffing around, but I only wanted to know how well I'd do in the little Olympics they threw for us to see how much we'd worked to qualify for the Space Race.
[9:00:07] muzebl: We busted almighty TUCHOS to go to space!  And that bloviating ignoramous took our only chance to get through it.  After teaching Algebra completely backwards no matter how you sliced it.  I was FURIOuS!  An actual NUN told me I had to do twice as good as the white kids to make it in the world.  Dude..  If a teacher said I had to do TWICE as much to get the same opportunities, in the world of ME,
That means I have to do it 3x as well..  Go figure Spacenet having me doing the job of three dumb guys, and LOVING It!  The engineers were slime, but the Brazilian with the 3D printer (in 1998), had me KNOWING I had to learn CAD or something like it. 
Well, I never had time or money for it, but lots of nerds pulled it off and are doing quite well...   But my auntie got a government contract from Eleanor Roosevelt and its MY turn to be the high-octane tax PAYER with lots of highly paid happy workers.. 
The Husch-Blackwell law firm, who hasn't had a living Blackwell on the board for over 4 years now..  But I like the idea of Wiley-Blackwell to somehow get my daughter and me to talk about this at Oxford.  But my stories always come out like..  "This one time, at band camp!"  but it's funny... to some..  Just like my favorite actress....since childhood.  I loved Willow in Buffy..  and How I met your mother..  Ted was so much like my dad, it's not funny and I can't find the letters he wrote to mother..  I stored them when I moved. I never told him I'd found them.... and never read them all out of respect...after reading one....  I left that idea alone.  He was battling cancer.  So he knows I found old pictures, but not the letters..
[9:04:57] muzebl: He was a Grand Knight during the Marion years 1987-1988 .  He told me of the Visitations of Mary in Czech Republic.
  He couldn't go until he "retired"..  but the youtube videos show what he described.  So.. yeah.  Tom Hanks , the Breakfast Club..  we know who we are....but now we're learning who we were..  and ROOKED is what we ARE
[9:07:23] muzebl: George Romney wanted to release the records...  Mitt the Twitt held them back and now selling them through genealogy websites?  Well, we've always had apps for that... and this is some math I have to catch up on.  If I'm just learning what they know...  go figure a zombie apocalypse and their killing of whatever god they have left.  smdh  I won't agree with the Catholic Church to ENDORSE the religion.
[9:07:42] muzebl: The stories were intended to be told together
[9:10:59] muzebl: The metaverse is my Purple pill.  that was what I said right after Morpheus said it on the screen.  If they REALLY wanna get conservative about it, I can sue the crap out of the prescription marketing it for something stupid like erectile dysfunction.  Go figure I'm no Freudian...
[9:15:10] muzebl: So, the sister is in cahoots with the stepmother over the last bit of land in the Blackwell name here in the states...  except for that little dump my big brother's paying off literally downstream from 3Mile Island's reactor.  His wife can't smell after having her sinuses scraped from a nosebleed issue..  had a miscarriage and is my age, so failed in her ONE job to have a SON.  brava....  I had her on the phone and she gave me customer service manager voice.  I returned with IRATE escallation desk manager, voice.... and we get nowhere.
[9:22:21] muzebl: The 90 something year old guy had a chortle when I told him who I was and suggested I go to HR!  ROFLMAO..   they had an article looking for the geeks they laid off and were offering 20$ an hour.  I called a partner nearest to Lexington and told him I wasn't a BBQ sauce Blackwell of the Blackwell vs Gates BBQ hillbilly fueds, we were the ones they were trying to impress!  oops... I was a little brown ginger...  telling everybody's secrets.  And Irish families thought..  "oh, do you think she knows?  And things were explained on the lap of my best friend's Dad....  his daughter was ginger, his folks weren't.  I was absolutely devastated when they moved away.  I tried to keep in touch, but the net took FAR to long for us to network, until now.  My hometown radio station follows me on Twitter.  I have too many to know who's paying attention..  This is good because @ThyGeekGoddess has a lot of posers.  We can't have that.
[9:23:57] muzebl: yeah, I'm gonna blog that. the net needs to evolve....period.

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