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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm too busy for these setbacks!

too tired to edit these notes I just pasted here when I was writing Richard too much information.
He's busy.  I'll save it.

they could hire me to work the desk if they really want to take the garbage out of here....instead of teasing me with the idea of offsetting my rent by riding the desk.
And it's against my faith to expend this much energy on it.
Disparate treatment
Only the first floor is permitted the luxury of walking, coming and going at any hour they please?  That's what deposits are for, and I intend to leave this "freedom to lie by omission" zone with tenant laws pointing to freedom of speech and bragging, "Talk to my lawyer!" with a nasty neener and a hair-flip.  As her car door came way too close to the Admiral with that noisy POS
I'll flip my crown soon enough when the acid rain does it's magic on my extremely thick natural hair.  There has been no peaceful enjoyment in this country of segregated ghettos that would love each other fiercely if they knew they were in the same sinking ship, only bigger.

Who didn't see this mutiny coming? 
Anyway, too many targets now...I was warned before I left Fargo, got ripped off, whatever..  I know I know....they'll come up with some dumbass excuse that I'm the actual *.* disturbing their freedom to inflict pain on people they think are a threat to their own peaceful existance.  I don't need to stand my ground on this hill of beans.
They only hope they have of flushing out the actual garbage to make it worth what they'll be flipping this apartment for,

I'm not doing their job for them anymore.  But I'm still logging the offenses as I get the hell out of hell.
This is where my critical thinking skills runs to the WTH,
there's nothing I can do. 
But prepare to leave with my online resources where I can get at them.  Too many know, I know I've been targeted for a very long time.  This is why I've been blogging and in forums all this time.  So this digital office goes viral enough to put money directly to a paypal account.  So, I'm crowdfunding the people I"ve already been networking with and my views are picking up FAST! 



Hi Richard!

OK, I see why you want to go back to that weird pizza you like.  This place is weird as HELL!  But I'm still stuck-ish and a little late paying rent.  I gave it my best effort, so in dealing with what they CAN'T do, I had to focus for what I CAN do.
They have a deposit, my electricity bill won't be pushed further and people get really vindictive when I won't let them rip me off.  I hit the streets for some roadside philosopher / ratchet legal advice, to understand what in the hell is this "peaceful enjoyment" my voice training and all nighters was disturbing, considering what racket goes on around here on the regulah.  My GOD!  This place is selfish and ignorant beyond the telling of it!  How DARE they give up, without even trying!

...and you know I was only kidding about the pizza.  Deep Dish has it's attributes....when you live on left-over pizza....but I actually prefer hand-tossed and that rectangular, thinly-sliced sausage some people call peperoni when that's the round red sausage and I can't remember which is which.
I know what demographic I'm targeting now.  My age, your age and kids in their 20s.  And Washington Square is the WRONG ghetto for me!  I'll take a retirement community or one for the deaf and disabled!
The new ghetto code for the n-bomb is
"Obama's the anti-christ"
Oh, the proper rebuttal is "PRESIDENT Obama's in the White House, FOOL!
The perception of stupid, and / or needy has gotten on my very last nerve,
I'm all set up to go mobile and have a rant about the egregious lack of critical thinking skills.  Everybody's suing everybody and when the POTUS said, he was trying to get his job done, "SoSueMe", it was call to action to "RELEASE the KRAKEN"
and break the IT monopolies

But the challenge is on, so I'm hoping you're doing well.
And I really really really want to peek over your shoulder...
What's all this about a series and how are you doing?
What's it about?
dish, dish, DISH!
A very HIGH order of awesome is going on,
but haters can't take it.  I'm packing and leaving this claptrap to the zombie apocalypse.
This place needs a warning label!
Fibro doesn't care that I've lost 70 pounds, but I get compliments all the time and that's new.  I'm nowhere near my goal, so I'm not interested in advances.

My defense lawyer to this eviction BS has 400 clients and has made contact with the raving Rachels, trying to get a payday (there's TWO)..
They are unaware of the rue-age headed their bleach blonde ways...but I warned them both.
The other is a dumb blonde, with the two SUV mentality, living beneath me.  *cough*.

But the damage is done, the thrill is gone and I've pretty much broken up with this apartment/studio due to extreme ignorance of an ex-marine's goldigging liar.
Apparently my voice carries through really thin walls and floors and the weirdo next to me heard me yelling at my Mexican, NOT co-host for an animated show I'm working on to share stories with.

I might pull a South Park and get one viral enough to make a hit of it.

My virtual world corporate entity is now ONLINE!
There's an interesting thing happening since I dumped the domain.
It buzzed really hard....
and then a lot of stuff happened, wild, wonderful and weird!

This is as close as we get to the interactive media of Dinosaurs.
And I created a virtual entity "Muze Ackland Productions" about 8 years ago in Second Life.  My idea was great, but I never had the money to fund it.

Man, there are a lot of weird Celestine Prophecy-sized coikidinks going on.
too bad they take it for granted.

I'm antsy because I finally got to a critical point in interconnecting "ratchet"  CAD grids on the cloud, connected between worlds, carrying content and inventories (the distinction between us and a game is that the Second Life locked everything we bought and claims rights to our intellectual property or something)  We have Creative Commons agreements, that I don't understand, exactly, but how I have it rigged when people use it, they have a paypal box to fund my educational project.
And then they can put posters of their own events, with it's own paypal button in an interactive, 3D digital recording studio, just like they used for Dinosaurs, but with a higher budget than South Park started with.

When we were sharing the first South Park episode, no one knew who it was.  In this case, everybody knows what it is, but not how we do it.

I don't have time to edit the video, but I met a DELIGHTFUL woman from back east, who sings about our digital, alternate lifestyle, and it's community of millions of artists / geeks trying to recreate the world you wrote!  That's why I was so excited to meet you.

I understand so much more than I did.  The west coast doesn't even consider that the east coast has the day handled, before the west coast rolls over to deal with their eye-boogers!

Instead of telling God how great your storm,
Tell the STORM, how great your GOD

ThyGeekGoddess Muze

defcon ++, incident report of suspicious activity around Dad's car.
Officer Fox (*snortles*) #141891399 when eviction notice says to pay by 7/11, the same day my electricity is due, or else.

Tomorrow starts feeding frenzy for apartment lottery due to new Burger King's er, heroes, send their wives to harass, belittle and harass me for "peaceful enjoyment" and looking weird while goofing with my car and such.  Conflict of interest=resident manager lives in the building and gave me one directive while taking full advantage of her right to lie 2003.  Hey, I thought it was a pre-Easter hunt, April Fool's Day prank while trying to get my health and services restarted.  MST comp and pen was scheduled in Fargo, so I missed the appointment because I still couldn't arrange my apartment by myself without strangers in the house.  The entire first year, the place was under construction and the buzz is they are flushing out the zombie apocolypse, flushing out the satan worshippers claiming Washington Square as their own.  AS IF!  LOL
Meanwhile, Mini-me is back from BOGOTA!?  *heart attack*
She said she'd misplaced her passport and after forgetting all she learned in Student Ambassadors, but didn't go when Greece was burning,  She knows she messed up, but I haven't been able to keep her on the phone long enough to get her to TALK after clearing up why she doesn't go running around drug lord kidnapping zones while Congress is in a tizzy of moronic proportions. 
As per usual, they grossly underestimated my pain threshold for bloviating ignorami.  When I realized they worked different shifts and he was being a howling drunk/high banshee with sleep meds, mind you... when she was out to work.  They are BENEATH me where I belong and if I win, I win, if I lose, I RULE because I finally got Xanadu online!
I have every legal right they demand for "freedom to yell, Obama is the anti-christ", without me giving the appropriate responses to the new n-bomb.  Gordon Heinz used to call me "Okra".  And there was something in Mike Henderson's eyes when he wouldn't let me play offense in the Powder Puff game.  You remember the rant?  That was the first year the seniors didn't win powder puff.  3 people have called Dad's car "chariot".  I was butthurt over Vince getting the Dodge Colt, but to me, the 01 Camry is the best car I've ever owned.  And damn if they didn't make me pay shipping and it had an engine light flickering when I got it.  It only does that because of the EGR valve.  I had a nice look at the Tesla awhile back, up close and personal, with the cut open display.  You know I ran around it like a little girl...  entered a contest to win a free day with it, only to find out my driver's license was Med suspended by a cop that pulled me over while I was standing in the rain, yelling at the car, undoing the tangles in my hair.  I'm told the acid rain here is about a pink on the litmus, and purple rain is nothing new here.  It's actually 1984 again in the music world and I'm turning heads by good looking guys again. 
Not only that, but now that I've finally dumped 70 pounds

They came when I was in cool down mode praying
"PRESIDENT Obama has a lovely bunch of EXECUTIVE ORDERS, in the WHITEHOUSE", asshat.

and there's a house speaker getting and earful, and the Tesla car is going OPEN-SOURCE!
I logged an incident report 141891399 with Officer Fox who is NOT a fan of President Obama, that there were people snooping around Dad's car, and when I checked the door to go out and see (after 6pm), the 72 hour noticed was posted.  sheesh, F-O-X....rly?  We've been tearing up that station's so-called news show and their finally feeling the heat from the shame campaign all over the net. I was accused of vomiting next to the manager's car when she knows damned well she issued me the spot I'm parked in.  I went to check on the car and noticed the empty tool bag on the back seat and put it in the trunk.  sheesh, I'm not totally blind, but when I'm in the zone and compartmentalized on my work, I can't shift gears well.  They're also trying to make me look like I'm a danger to somebody or myself in order to throw me in a smaller box, when they can't kill us off fast enough.  These guys really suck at it, because they think I'm scared to die, as if I haven't a bajillion different ways already.  for my work, since I got laid off of a gig with far too low a ceiling, thinking a Shrek flick was all we wanted to do when they took over the only well-funded social network.  Nothing we're talking about wasn't in the news, so they look ridiculous because my memes are still sitting scattered all over the cloud.  Google "ThyGeekGoddess" in quotes in the pictures page and chose whatever you feel safe viewing.  LOL  I've declared my folks public there!  The intellectual property they're whining about is our name legacies. And nothing I said wasn't common knowledge, but "we can't talk about it". 
By the time they can even TRY to go through the small claims process, I'll be ready for federal court and I have absolutely nothing more to lose.  They didn't count on my awesome networking skills and the psychological motivation (Newtonian Physics), but they did know how clueless I would be about your line of work. 

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