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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Future fetishists of America.

Why isn't my vote suing them out of office? hmmm?
Isn't the POTUS my proxy? 
Aren't I a registered cyber-activist?
I believe I'm on my job...rebranding myself, protecting my remaining senses from further damage, INCLUDING stress inflicted by the hands of freely speaking witch-hunters infringing on my peaceful enjoyment of live and all that anarchist crap they can stick on their skateboards, for all I give a fuzzy rat's ass.  begging me to teach them what I know, offering NOTHING in return, and demanding the RIGHT to bounce n-bombs all over what they REFUSE to understand or respect..... my life's work.

Demanding I PAY people to put their nasty little mitts all over my very sensitive electronic equipment while NOT being helpful, is an insult to everything I've ever been.
Offering sex and drugs while drunk and playing Mason Family recruitment officer in MY airspace is a huge mistake.  DEMANDING I give up my GOD for .....whatever they were selling, then accusing me of black arts because they couldn't stand the smell of the purple Fabuloso cleaner I prefer....
that gets you laughed out of my air space and I gotta smudge/smoke my apartment after being fouled with such profound ignorance and bigotries ...  I deserve at least 40$/hour for the time according to my last teaching gig.  When that drunken friend of upstairs "Rachel" that RWNJ/stalker who got busted in Portland proper...  The one downstairs did a worse job of it. 
She can CLAIM I hadn't offered to resolve this since they moved in this past February, but who's ever funding or cashing in on this colossal lameness, grossly underestimated my threshold while working on a CON-cept, they had links to read as I'd offered the links freely. 
The information was offered AS I was logging the situation, but it's spread all over the net and the cloud, so I needed more time to compile it.
I've still not recovered from the  yeah... 
Go forth and fight it....  and I'll make sure I'm not missing another peer-related expo while the updates flood in.

Lots of "music" died around that time American Pie calls out.  Don McLean wasn't just talking about ONE plane by a long shot.
What passes for music at any time in history,
.... one's mileage tends to vary,
And this is a GOOD THING!
It's a GOD thing...
Even if it's kinda weird,
There is a point of view being expressed.
And the artist is a teacher in this respect..
a mirror that shows them our realities.
Geeks of the arts NERD HARD getting that point across.
The arts communicate where words fail.
"Hey, this is what the people you don't know have to say...."
....grumbling..."You ignorant, sod... got me doing this contract work for scraps, when I got better things to do while starving with my peers..
(Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance rant)
And Levy-towns (Levittown) was crying, "BLUE MEANIES"
(drunk/stoned talk for NO MIDI to record and promote themselves)
The Chevy to the Levy-town.. 

The suburbs rarely had "Fat Albert" junkyards to pick through,
so kids had to buy stuff to make stuff and musicians had to pay for studio production.  The chances of earning enough for the right gear, NOT a Commodore Vic 20, locked in the study, and a Moog Prodigy playing through your hifi.  As we can see now, the gripe was the same,
Naturally, we got an app for that.
Since I was a little brown-ginger, classical pianist/gamer/skater/,
Think Fame 2009, but I'm pretty sure I can't sing for crap, and my BFF, a Spaulding, dreamed of swimming in the Olympics, so she was probably the shortest life-guard you ever saw....wherever she worked.
Had she had title to her legacy, perhaps she wouldn't have been permitted to train with a coach...but it didn't happen.  She does well-ish, however.  I was hoping to follow her after the Navy, or go for NASA.  I knew what was required, and I ain't got it....  so I decided I'd better kick butt at something else...
But the ex decided he wasn't going to be an architect and that was the PLAN we made while he was on the USS Forrestal, from '87 to '91.
My brother's bootcamp was a lot more fun than mine, but wow, they got leave for Christmas?!
yeah, I was butthurt, we folded clothes....incessantly!
"Fold and Stow University"...a punishment worst than IT (intensive training)
It irked me. 
They knew we came prepared for  mind trip, but good grief!
Somehow I avoided both punishments and was pissed to know I'd been doing well all along!
Well-played....well played.....
I had an issue with my thick hair vs vagina cap, so I'm happy to see this addressed.
My hair was in a snatch-back due to stress associated with the high-octane thinking required
It was not style preference.
It was popular in High School because we dressed for our futures.
Go figure prison wear in vogue ...
During the empathetic years,
The Jew-fro was a hit.
Oddly, few credit this presidency for freeing our crowns...just sayin.
I've noticed
"that music" was a nice way to say what bigot's called "n-bomb music"
Elvis and the Beatles were accused of being lovers of the kind of music that challenged them to make people of color dance.
Chances are, if you pulled a Blurred Lines, we'd recognize the acknowledgement and <jump,twirl> or something...

Anyway, there's so much to the song if you know African-American history....and beyond slavery when our folks arrived on the 1635 "True Love"

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)
Notes about American Pie...
Will get back to it... dealing with "Mom Marion"'s line.  Boy did Dad marry UP!  Holy COW!
Happy Birthday Prince George, I'll be sending him my patent pending, digital business card generator / crowd funding OAR designed for art therapy.
Everybody Knows my work with GEEKNATION,
pfft...Boys from Brazil?
Art made Science her leetle female MAD DOG!
K-108 Boudreax and yes... KIEFFER
I reported Sept 10, 1987 
I didn't think much of the officer's I drove around during my time at VP-30, but I had no interest in them, so I'd made the best of it.  Whatever their attitude was on arrival, it'd been adjusted by the time they got in my duty driver truck, or inspected their safety gear in the parachute shop.  ...yeah, if you don't fuck with the Trons, you most DEFINITELY treat your safety gear instructor.
The trainees from Pakistan attempted to refuse training from the female chief of the VP-30. 
By then, I'd shouted down a Saudi named Ziad, at PGCC, but I had no clearance, so I didn't think they knew about it. 
By the time the indoctrination to the contrary was over, these officers were calling ME 'ma'am'.  As an E-4, I was not amused, and probably grumbled, "Ma'am, my ass, "Your Highness Will Do".
Yeah, hard not to remember the names on our assi and how we'd run from West Point and still ended up in the military.  I was 22 when I joined, so by then, I'd tended a few bars in some interesting places.  Milwaukee and Chicago by North and Division?  By the Flatiron... and a click away from Humbolt Park.
A nearsighted bartender is a good thing t-have.
Seriously, I was having a good time getting ready for the Navy.  There were ex-marines testing me.
And by the time I'd made weight, with 3 pounds to spare...Anchor's Aweigh...and I can't believe Colbert was so Obvious.  Still looking great for "Blackbeard"... I gotta wonder who Calypso was, and if maybe Blackbeard was a woman.  
(Sorry guys, I had to wonder)
China didn't really make a BFD of Mulan...
And the only way Dad got a salute out of me, was at pass and review when he sat next to Admiral Koenig!

I met his kid on the quarter deck in Millington one day... 
I gave him the "Oh DUDE, I'm so sorry..  how are you doing with that name on your ass? Butthurt?
It was a cute enough butt, but I offered profound condolences as my legacy wasn't on the wall of SHAME behind the QD of the female barracks.
I was Blackwell of Levittown...  he understood.
And I told him about my pass and review... I with two flat feet, trying to eyes right, walk straight at Dad, Uncle Charlie, Admiral Koenig, the their wives and my chagrin.
We were two points from Hall of Fame, but the first female company to march out front, with no problem keeping the stride as we'd kicked the shit out of our brother companies... 
They'd see me lost in the zone after getting dropped for being absent-minded, a light sleeper who held conversations in her sleep or yelled, "Attention on Deck" when the night watch came in from the hall.
My RCPO was with her husband in her sleep.  When I heard her in my sleep, I was dreaming I'd walked in on her and said out loud, "Oh, so the Burger Queen can get conjugal visits in the baracks?  Aren't we SPECIAL!" 
When I woke up, our dead ringer for "The Church Lady" woke up laughing at my talking about our RCPO's moaning..."
There were two chiefs in the know who knew my Levittown blues.  One was named Blackwell and the other grew up on Belair Drive...or one of the main streets in the "B-section".  An anarchist pointed out it's marxist layout, but the tax differential equalized us down by IDK how much.  I noted how jacked up it seemed, but the idea was to keep us from getting lost.  As long as I knew the street started with a B, and I had that down by age 2, I knew I was in my limits, according to Charlie Brown as I understood Peanuts and Our Gang. 
Tomorrow is Slash's birthday and Prince doesn't celebrate them, but it's like a Christmas for me and I hope he'll be OK with that.  Teacher's get their due!
And the screenshot of my virtual world is taken in the dimensions of a business card which I can get off my Twitter Profile. ... @ThyGeekGoddess
The paypal box has my address for people who want to help us with costs.  We like to work projects, so we can do as we please for our own interests.
Meritocracy, baby.
It appears the POTUS, CEO of USA, Inc, brought to you by Boogeyman, Inc and their what..400 morons can deal with the fact they've rendered themselves INERT.
Jubilee, 42 and Yay, God.
They had this math long before this country was unsettled. 
And with the kewlio monolith playing on the simulation, It's built up a LOT of healing energy that's been flowing through me as I built it.  There's 40 years of my own heart into this concept, and now it's a reality.
Networked CAD grids, full perm and modable, networked or not and the best engine is UNIX is UNIX is UNIX....
the kewl kids are running with physics, hypergrid transports content between worlds.  And they sell via paypal buttons, for services like the ones I'm interested in hosting.  I have a friend working her tuchos off to acquire her psychology creds.
She can set up an office in Xanadu for those who prefer more privacy, but IP addresses generally let us ban trolls and keep residents isolated. 

It's over by the UFO ...  and what if this is what Nostradamus saw?
it's not likely he's know there was Piggly Wiggly in NDN country when he saw the wildfires rolling along the parched Oklahoma fields.  That jerk should have built a REFINERY to employ the people of Carnegie, Apache, and the nations of KCA territories, (not a rez my ass)  It's rez, OK? 
Cabrini Green was a rez for black folks, Levittown a rez for blue collar folks, until it was built outside of DC.
SE was the rez for Black folks, but the pay was not equal, and the taxes weren't dispersed...
 The DEAL was that brain work = work
and a family paid in study, taxes, labor and the rates would be adjusted equally.. 
wanna bet?
We want our stuff BACK...
or this strawman thing happens.  Oopsie...
everybody knows I answered the question when I was 8, so ...  I'm still not 50 yet.  Public Domain ?
The Muze of Arcadia gets to another well-known Prove Me Wrong with ^5's all over the metaverse....eventually.
Tomorrow is Slash's Birthday and how kewl would it be to work this while healing ourselves?
Pretty darned...
So, Yippy Kai Aye, Muther Fucker, I'm still disqualifying myself on the regulah...
Yay, GOD!

Lots of "music" died around that time.
What passes for music at any time in history,
.... one's mileage tends to vary,
And this is a GoOD THING!
Even if it's kinda weird,
There is a point of view being expressed.
And the artist is a teacher in this respect..
The arts communicate where words fail.
"Hey, this is what the people you don't know have to say...."
....grumbling..."You ignorant, sod... got me doing this contract work for scraps, when I got better things to do while starving with my peers..
(Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance rant)
And Levy-towns (Levittown) was crying, "BLUE MEANIES"
(drunk/stoned talk for NO MIDI to record and promote themselves)
The suburbs rarely had "Fat Albert" junkyards to pick through,
so kids had to buy stuff to make stuff and musicians had to pay for studio production.  The chances of earning enough for the right gear, NOT a Commodore Vic 20, locked in the study, and a Moog Prodigy playing through your hifi.  As we can see now, the gripe was the same,
Naturally, we got an app for that.
Since I was a little brown-ginger, classical pianist/gamer/skater/,
Think Fame 2009, but I'm pretty sure I can't sing for crap, and my BFF, a Spaulding, dreamed of swimming in the Olympics, so she was probably the shortest life-guard you ever saw....wherever she worked.
Had she had title to her legacy, perhaps she wouldn't have been permitted to train with a coach...but it didn't happen.  She does well-ish, however.  I was hoping to follow her after the Navy, or go for NASA.  I knew what was required, and I ain't got it....  so I decided I'd better kick butt at something else...
But the ex decided he wasn't going to be an architect and that was the PLAN we made while he was on the USS Forrestal, from '87 to '91.


The Jew-fro was a big hit in the day.
"that music" was a nice way to say what bigot's called "n-bomb music"
Elvis and the Beatles were accused of being lovers of the kind of music that challenged them to make people of color dance.
Chances are, if you pulled a Blurred Lines, we'd recognize the acknowledgement and <jump,twirl> or something...

Anyway, there's so much to the song if you know African-American history....and beyond slavery when our folks arrived on the 1635 "True Love"

My first response to the lawyer's complaint that he couldn't follow
my timeline and was worried bout my stress levels was,
Would you GET UP OFF MY OVARIES, already?

I've been writing the Autobiography of Nobody N. Particular for decades.
I didn't know we were any different than the other Levittown kids until I learned others were
writing books, movies and series about my ancestors.
I'm sorting it out.
But if this doesn't matter,
"Disparate treatment"
First floor does not get to complain if I study all night and walk in my apartment.
"Conflict of interest" Rose knew of my disabilities because she has a chronic pain disorder and knew of my tinnitus as well.  For instance, it's not good for me to walk barefooted if my edema makes my feet swell.
I've learned more about people (Shane and what's her face), and everybody in the neighborhood knows that story....
The caregiver posted her card on the very pubic bulliten board, and the card looked  bit like the one I used when I was practicing Reiki in Cassadaga,FL.  ...but here energy was jacked...
I was curious about all the complaints she had about working in the Mall, so when I was strong enough to walk around it, I saw what brought me to fibro and back problems.  It wasn't likely that store would offer more than aggravation to my already chronic condition.  I was looking for help I couldn't get here from those in the know, helping me adjust to PTL's weirdness.  I was rather certain I was still in the US....  So is this their right to do evil things because some claim their right to love Satan?  Trust me, if this is what freedom of speech means, I'll be on my way........soon as I know which way to point my rudder..  My nickname for this "house" has been revoked.
It's talking people in the WRONG direction.
Since it seems Rachel is the new Li---sa, I'll use THAT name.
And yes, I love Paulie Shore....

I tried to hire out of pocket before this downstairs Rachel started leaving notes on my door and car during the time I was looking for my REAL LIFE daughter.  She was in Bogota when I thought she was here....and they didn't know where Zimmerman was.  I'm in touch with their family.  I've been stopped so I've been sharing stories about Sanford and such.
I'll keep trying to sort this out because it's Prince George's birthday, Tomorrow is Slash's birthday and I have to get this prepared for my first patent funding.
After arranging my sleep schedule to work around the world with other engineering BUILDERS, I'd been using this building as a model.  I called it "The Rudder"....while the nerds were working out the codes for the return of Arcadia.  (I didn't know they were talking about me...  I was just watching builders and discussing the way to break free of Second Life, since they locked our investments in on that grid)  We paid for it, we want it.
JUSTIFICATION is the word they use in World of Warcraft.
This is Art History, in a tool used for Art Therapy.
and social networking open-sourced on UNIX, not microsoft or Apple.
They got it working on MS and Mac, so whatever, big win for team net-neutrality
and I'm the goddess of the lab!
Nerds are mortals - King of the Lab, Queen of the Lab.
On the cloud, I'm Goddess of the Cloud and I'm a suffragette.

When I moved in Rose told me they were looking for residents who could offset the rent by riding the desk or whatever.  I'd been checking to do that, but not looking for a job that would aggravate my disabilities.  I came for none of their business, but it was all online.
They had all of this information and it's scary to some people.
Who brag about what the founders meant and my titles were still revoked.
We were bullied by Mayflower kids because the Mormons locked our records after George Romney (a mason?) let his brat run amok.
I can't remember when we weren't calling Ron Paul a hopeful fluffer, but that's why I'm a registered Obamacrat.  Dad and I were republicans who voted Dem to get the Dixiecrats out of the republican party.  
Does it mean I am not allowed to walk in my apartment at night AFTER having offered to swap apartments when I first met them?
Disparate treatment.  They demand people living above them cannot walk or enjoy their apartment (NEVER STOMPING as accused because it's painful)
because they have a weak ceiling.

This is stuff I'm trying to sort out, so stop here if you like.
They knew I had PTSD and tinnitus when I offered to see about swapping apartments.  Rose maintained I was not purposely bothering anyone while blind, and they retaliated with a civil suit.

My power went out, because I brain-farted the bill.  And nothing I did to come back from the shock of being sued, was reported with any truth behind it.

That information was public and known to people I wanted to hire to help me organize my apartment.  As soon as I was strong enough to do it myself, the people downstairs complained about the noise!  It took me a year to get that far....and I wasn't finished sorting everything out when this crap happened.
I can't hear what direction sudden noises are coming from....but they scared me and I'd asked if anything could be done, that wasn't too hard for the neighbor.  Would the neighbor upstairs, kindly not wash her dog's poop down to mine, or replace the awnings they had to prevent it.

This was a hotel and I like that heat rises. I spent the winter with my window cracked open.

Services only clean.  I was waiting for my daughter to be my caregiver, but she was doing her thing and was to join me after her trip to Colombia.  Since she was in Seattle with my sister for Christmas, while we were having it out.  I couldn't drive that far, even if I were welcome,  and didn't get to see her.  So I still haven't seen her since Dad's funeral.

She's into Buddha and I was building this to showcase her art, but her dad lured her away.  The whole family kicked me to the curb after the deadbeat dad took her from me, 8 years ago, when I was in Oklahoma.  When I moved from Fargo, after making sure my mail was transferred, they still messed it up and I have to fix that, because they scheduled my MST appointment in Fargo instead of HERE.  My Hud/Vash housing voucher was no good here, so I was paying everything myself.   And now I have to move again?
Because this new hero's wife is trying to get a cheap payday in small claims court.

It means different things, depending on your expertise, but I didn't know I even LOOKED like Elizabeth Blackwell and when I looked at Dad, I saw Grandma, who looked like GW.
When I've held conversations with people on Skype, Rose said, "No, people can't hear you", maintained that I had a right to do what i was doing.....while complaining about it at the same time?  That's why I felt so violated, I didn't know she was the same person writing all of those offenses and she said she didn't know people were calling the police on me.
They have incident reports, but they never reported it to the office.

When the complaints said, "manager", I thought that was Rose...but there was someone above her she eventually said I should talk to.

"Joletta?"  I can't remember he name, but as a notary, Rose faxed ALL of the notes to who they were supposed to know.  By the time I understood what I needed to know, I was getting sued, and the cops couldn't do anything about the suspension.

Rose knew those links and said her husband was a computer geek.
I shared my work with her while I was recovering from the move.  Before I lost 70 pounds, with NO impact Yoga, conducting, and dancing, I was talking to her about how to deal with all of the construction.
So there was a lot of people with prior knowledge of my disabilities and HIPAA is no excuse when it's used AGAINST me.

We've been trying to explain it since Star Wars became the WWW for another stupid war economy.
We're the used-to-haves, either retired too young, disabled, overqualified, building a new income generating source for the renewable digital resources that can be customized and printed to 3D printer.  I'm the Muse of the Arcadian Asylum Builders.  The role play came out of studying our ancestry, as the records came out to prove it.  I used what they build, to build my project and the barrier that had us held off, was broken years ago.  They left ME to explain it and "it's complicated"  to you, but for people who were looking for me, followed incomplete information.  Now they know where I am, my daughter and I are not exactly safe from kidnapping my daughter, who was in Bogata Colombia when the girls in Africa were kidnapped.  I couldn't reach her.
We named it after our own families.

This is information I've been openly blogging since I moved in, 18 months ago.
I bought the "domains", and
When I was finally putting Xanadu Grid online as an interactive studio (3D MIDI)
and with the overqualified engineering community they call "Geeknation", depends on a chain of command....
The entire argument over net neutrality is pretty deep.

working through this heartache virus SNAFU
I'm working on phone records.
where everything is logged and getting organized.
I have to submit at the end of the month for 6000$ grant.
The Virtual World Best Practices expo is a once a year event for education.
And it's for patenting this tool.


But they had all of this information and with that virus, it's a pain to
separate my blog, my problems jumping from linear to 3d to www and back.
The graphic novel software is not out yet, so I made other videos until I could do my cousin's song "I'm just your Superhero"..  I've already sent it to the potus and his wife, so people know I'm a fan....  I don't know if we're related, but we were neighbors with his mother if her Kansas roots go back to Dodge.

This is why we built the network in the first place.  Art Therapy and recovery from contracts to nowhere and stress-related pain.  I shared it with everybody, because I was open as the POTUS is about his race.  He knows he's the first OPENLY Black POTUS.
I hope they know I don't want the job....and I'm not thrilled about the religious pressures either.
They had prior knowledge of my disabilities.
and decided to aggravate them ...and underestimated my pain threshold.
While I was going through the shock of my existence and worried about my daughter's missing passport.
These complaints were lodged in order to activate my conditions = terrorize me.
When I was standing there by my own car in the rain, they didn't see my hands shaking, apparently.  I was out there playing with Wifi, conducting with MUSIC and shadow boxing in the window's reflection.  cleaning my dad's "chariot" as the gung-ho suck-ups call it.

By that time, feeling safe to move to a bottom floor apartment was blown.
That's where the harassment against ME  backfired.  They presumed I didn't think it was more than an April Fool's prank until I got SUED and my license was suspended ON April 1.
I had the right NOT to engage them AFTER already exhausting every option to help them.
Telling me NOT to walk was a problem with their ceiling, not my floor that does what it's supposed to do.
Or do the first floor people have the right to walk around at all hours, beep horns, rev engines, burn rubber and I gotta keep working on this.

Disparate treatment
Conflict of interest on Rose if she wants to keep pushing it.
The religious, racial, political persecution comes in where people can hear
me when my door is open.  I ALWAYS have windows open, so
If I heard my neighbor on the phone clearly from his second floor apartment, to my car,
you can believe they can hear me bitching on speaker phone or griping in my kitchen.

Freedom of speech and privacy violations ABOUND.
But I haven't the bandwidth to explain it to you, when I've been doing this for over 30 years.
Having checked back and forth with my betters, we're pretty clear we've the PROVE ME WRONG behind selling air, etc.
This makes greedy people nervous, when it shouldn't.  I always intended to be a high-octane tax payer, and this marketing tool funds us by project instead of by item sold.

Linden Labs was funded with a few million and supported by customers, but the 3D webspace is too expensive, and LL closed their grid by calling it a game.  It was a social network until a lot of ToS stuff violated the protocols, of the information superhighway, it was built on.
The OSI Model of telecommunications management was expanded from the 3 Laws of Robotics.
An MCSE cert has no respect or foundation we built their careers on and no we don't just teach everything we know to interns who are little squirrels trying to get a nut.  This is our world, and it was built for WOMEN who were already having trouble getting work after saving the world's highest powered transport devices...HPUX servers.
The merger with Compaq and 9-11, made it the #1 job seller of America.
To date, we're talking over 100K jobs and they knew when they went into the deal we would lose 35K employees on the HP side alone.
The loss was bout the same for Compaq.
I was just catching up, having bought a house in 2000, after the divorce was finally done.
I'd been a single mom since about '95 by then.... and I'm being generous.
She was born February 27th, 1991 (the day of the ceasefire)
I got out Jan 17th, 1991 - Ben Franklin's birthday and my brother,
Vincent DePaul Xavier Blackwell of Camp Hill, PA.  downstream of Three Mile Island, NRA card carrying Glenn Beck disciple.  I love him, but he is a jerk.
and he's 55 so... ping on the Sacred Geometry on the Last Lexington Blackwell male. far as we know.  GADS....
He's the second born, so the sister has power of attorney for the home in New Berg, NC
906 Harbour Pointe Drive, New Bern NC.
Blackbeard was hung there and the legends support his protecting more than gold, but a very great Truth.

Xanadu is the movie that made the nickname stick.

But I have to clear these attacks and set up Xanadu so it's ready for the next shot at intel or better.
Rebranding takes time....  but my flow has me scrolling 30 tabs and reporting the trend to at least 3 different virtual worlds.
We build things with our REAL legacies in mind.
I'm pinging the heraldry of Lion, Griffin/Griffith, Unicorn,
Prince probably came in under Spain's Isabella, but I haven't even gotten there yet.
I figure the Jackson family is obvious with Gary, Indiana is so close to our Bethel, Ohio traveling hub.

The Heart Ache virus came out two years before the government shutdown.
I was in Fargo, ND.
NOT getting evicted in Milwauke ( addressed to me with no middle initial)
And somewhere else, I forgot.  Jani knows and the apartment we were contacting doesn't call back now.  (lost leaders in Craig's list boost rates when this happened)
So, it's going to take me time to undo Heart Ache virus AND get this ready for my first real patent in MY name.  ...  or I can claim titles on behalf of Lexington Blackwell to Oxford
It's a public domain issue.
There is no living Blackwell in the Husch-Blackwell law firm.


But they had these links and people see it in terrifying ways.
I'm a registered activist (Obamacrat) and have been really quite busy.

I'm not scary, but they knew what challenges I was dealing with, or at least had access to it.
The VWBPE expo had Intel looking for gridhoppers like me and I was shut down because of all the interruptions!

I've been blogging with others openly and find building and sculpting therapeutic.
So we've been doing this while waiting for our records proving our links to urban legends of the old west, Naval voyages...etc.

They've been witch-hunting people they don't believe deserve help.
My challenge is to fund the student loan that was already forgiven on my birthday, two years ago.

and here it is.  I figured, why not outsource 3D web as my legacy would.
And yes, I was expecting a bumpy ride...

The space race is on...
but we don't need wars to fund it..  just a ranch that holds about 400 morons will do.

That's the quick math with a lot of stuff in between you don't see yet.
This is why it takes me so long to translate it, but here is the business card

I just write my info on it and send it to a printer.
Mesh does it in 3D and that marks us as 3D web....and legit to be 3D social networking with inventories that carry across each of the worlds.  (full perm, opensourced content, generating content and paypal boxes make it a professional $$ generating concern)

No renting money.

17:38 suv revving for a long time while thinking  GREY Monster...sheesh

Dude, get off my ovaries!
I just found out I'm the legacy of a Suffragette named Elizabeth Blackwell
And let's just say, Dad married WAY UP!
How up?
Pretty damned, and NDSU who is all up with the conservative OMFG,
is holding some serious DNA from our folks.
This is the blog .net and .org to NOT resolve to.

You remember the Church's objection to test tube babies?  I'm wondering how many founders they intend on cloning, and yes....this is a concern.  Otherwise, it's just about the stuff I've sold over the past 30+ years, trying to survive Ray-gunomics.

Do you want them cloning a new messiah for Camelot?
I know I don't, they can go ahead and mess with some OTHER descendant of GW, but we're the last of the Lexingtons.  The Gates vs Blackwell barbecue feud had a lot to do with me going to Gate and ordering my sauce on the side.  Blackwell & Blackwell is now Blackwell and somebody else.
I'm looking a little Maid Marian to some folks.
No one's well pleased with what Disney's done with our legacy...
And then there's all this holding back of the Tesla technologies, and that's why
I get to kick MIT's hamster cage.
I'm wondering if Neil DeGrasse Tyson ..  oh, well  I'm guessing he already
got his cooperation out of those turkeys.

We're due.  Trey's folks are in my network, of course.
So, yeah, tick tock on the part of women who are sick of being told when we can have and raise children.
because 400 assholes sold the world ....again?
When you google "Dan Seals", you get a country singer and yay for him.
If you google "Dan Seals for Congress", then you see my little cousin from Chicago.
There's an internet paradigm surrounded by legalese and I'm a roadside philosopher, so I gotta work it out like when my Spanglish fails me.
My first contract out of school was at EDS System One.  The callers were end-users
and nobody wanted the dias to show 90201.
I started to take them after laughing at them on hold, in AOL chat rooms, and AIM messengers... with my fellow cube-jockeys.  I've been on the cloud since dad laid down the www.  My goal was MIDI for studio production.
Someone in view Askew knows my rant, as it long precedes the movie.  The company owned whatever we talked about, but we knew they couldn't pull it off without the crew, but we didn't see a war on engineers coming.  Y2K, my ass.  Dad sent memos to change the code for DECADES before he retired in '89.
(and this is why linear time dyslexia depends on my ability to use both hands to keep my balance.  I started playing piano at age 4, but the Music and Arts Center in the shopping center across the street from the Free State Mall.  ROFLMBAO  Guess who didn't know she grew up in a slave state until I was tall enough to see the painting of the church, with the darkies in the fields......going..   um..  What in the FLYING FUCK?  Maryland is a SLAVE STATE?)
By then I had several scripted responses for, "Go back to Africa, where you belong"
I was the Fresh Princess of Belair@Levittown, of the real Boondocks, Bowie, Maryland.

My BFF was acting chief of FAA on 9-11.  There was no chief, due to the hiring freeze .com, .net, .rant.
She's still there after having 6 kids for ONE deadbeat dad, who was an air traffic controller, she divorced years ago.  He is retired and probably coaching my ex on South Beach, laughing their assi off.  Her aunt Marjorie, the Spaulding with no ties to that legacy, could not get the Catawba nation in North Carolina when the Department of Interior cut them from the internet.
Well, I had an app for that when HP was laying us off, but the Kiowa, Comanches and Apaches saw me coming.  I'd given the wrong names.  They would have known I was probably Osage, had I known they were associated on Dad's side.  They didn't want ME to be the next "Windtalker" because they feared NSA.  I rolled up in a '99 Stratus I got second hand for not EVEN cheap enough.
I bought it because it was a fleet car, not because I knew it was what FBI drove around!  in NDN country with the low carriage... it ripped the oil pan off and I couldn't get it fixed before I left.  Her father used some "lawyer" who had my name wrong when I'd run out of funds and disability was being denied at age Oklahoma, they wouldn't even try, but they'll have a VSO help you hunt for imaginary jobs for NOAA on  That's what the good old boys abuse to slip in their friends.
I worked briefly on a contract at Ft. Sill and you wouldn't believe what Major Broyhill calls a "Sexual Harassment Standown Meeting"...  or whatever.  He basically explained how to get around it.....while I doodled daggers on a notepad, and excusing myself to hurl in the ladies room.
Before the meeting ....and listened to the new GS-7 in the tech department say he was an MP who picked up computers somewhere...."  I was tasked to write an SOP "a monkey could follow", on my way out.
I was working the IT department's check-in/check-out desk, while working half days in the IT department, doing the job I wanted to get hired for.  One of the users was issued a computer, but not connected to the network.  They were trying to get rid of him before he retired and faulted him for taking time off to treat his diabetes and other ailments.
I had my BS in Telecom Management and well...  when I showed up, the guy said, "Oh...this is for the clerical position, the tech positions for GS-7 and GS-9 aren't open yet.
I gave stink-eye to the recruiter who gave me the .. "you gotta be kidding me" face.

If you were a RWNJ or a liberal douche,
would YOU want ME being the Grandaughter of George Washington?
Do I want to be "public domain" or do I need
My morning fight songs need their own playlist.
Oh damn, this is what I'm being faulted for.  Being happy will dealing with life's bullshit.
Like morons thinking I'm obligated to PAY for people who hate my work because GLENN BECK
LIED to them!
And NO, I do not have to work for an asshole who thinks I've NEVER worked for anything
I have.  And I don't appreciate that asshat dropping the bar on brilliance because of our awesome earning potential ENGINEERS don't get paid for.
So, we work to BUILD our own careers while kids show up at family reunions not knowing
their own legacies of excellence they have the POTENTIAL of achieving.

It's a Blackwell thing.  I taught a bloviating Ziad at the Saudi table where I'd expected the respect and friendship I offered them.  I don't remember what the fatass looked like then, but I couldn't recognize a "Joe the Plumber" from "King Ralph" who looks like a bleached "Donald Trump"...same dumb eyes while dazed and confused.

I don't see color either, I feel intentions, jealousy, hate...those o-meters are in the main engines of a fuzzy logic mind.  This is where people who learned to measure love in dollars and cents, can't be happy misers,
while others build the infrastructures they need to insure safe and secure TRANSPORT.
The ungodly rich people know how to cash in on the TIME they waste.
time is money, time is our life...flying out the window while we fill in the gaps with whatever actually suits our true calling. 
I spent quite a lot of time laughing at the so-called leaders we were jumping hoops for, and pissing off the one griping about it.  I've always been a cut-up.
How many people watched Whoopie do that impression of mini-her in Catholic school and laughed at the mirror making funny faces at ourselves from the past and laughed, "OMG, that's so ME! 
(or someone you know very well)
Who saw the Blues Brothers do the flip side?
My Belushi had a twin sister. braces...
I don't remember hitting her in the mouth, but I heard her trip to the orthodontist went well.
Come now, I had most of the year to size the kids up. 
My big brother was bringing home Tae Quan do from Howard University.
I was never afraid of being hurt by them, if they weren't armed with weapons,
But my fear was in the math....
If my big brother = Levittown's Afro Samurai
And I grew up pulling punches sparing with HIM,
What's the chance do any of these bigots have against me,
When I go berzerker on them?
I didn't take my skateboard to Catholic school, so I accounted for that handicap.
It wasn't enough....I'd seen Jackie fling a carpenter's horse, and naturally thought of Jesus...
The win was a certainty, so I needed to make it funny...
She was bear sized, but I was born in the year of the Snake....
I knew that growing up....and that was 1980.

Yeah, well...  I LOVE this song and if I have to be up ...due to LOUD ASSED SUVs warming up in the compact car spaces next to the building..... *ahem*
No, it's not something I complain to management about,
It's crap I have to log in defense of morons who don't know when they're being blown off for being criminally indifferent to the pain they cause others, while accusing them of the same.
Anyway, this is a fight song I was learning to sing to cheer me up and get to work on this project I find so healing....
So yes, I told the lawyer to go to the mattresses and leave me to my work because it is MY FREAKING RESUME
with several patents pending on behalf of the community I couldn't have done without.
Millions of overqualified, under paid, droned out, wage-gapped.....need I say more...
And nobody knows who's gonna start yanking what network cables where, so
I'm still a government contractor.....apparently.
So, yes, after 30 years, geeknation delivered,
THE METAVERSE... and our folks are converging with the new updates we've been waiting for.
When they took our garages, we built a true meritocracy on the cloud...
Our avatar ages prove our time in grade on this "social experiment".
And by my watch, the time away from our lives is worth a minimum of 20$ / hour
no matter what your job is.
My oldest standing avatar is 9 years old.
That's time in grade on OUR rating system.
So, you want to ask me how much I'm worth, huh?
That's a lotta math, there Skippy,
Suffice it to say, this ahh, "job" you've created = CHARITY work!
My BFF at FAA is the most benevolent US Citizen I've never seen lobby.
I missed it!  arrrrrgggg
In 1991, the world was in a tizzy over Tailhook...
I was telling Dad "No chips in the Mini-MiMi!"
While giving him stink eye about how interesting the baby came untimely ripped
while his old cronies were calling the ceasefire....
And yes, I was checking out of the Navy on 1/17/91...that date was set long before that.
So I figured they booted us out by bunches....
Looking back, I remembered the office wasn't busy, because we got there after Lamaze.
Not after any major shift changes..
Sporty-shorty was asking for $500B to rehaul the Air Traffic Control system.


I have so much to say about how uplifting this song is for me at this time.
I don't play it on the amp now, just crank it on this little Samsung laptop.
It hurts to strain but nobody wants to hear me sing this through headphones,,,
Trust me....  just say NO.  to that "solution"
So yeah, an SUV demanding the attention of EVERYBODY on this side of the building,
they have a j-o-b..kept me from going back to sleep after being up most of the night working on
the highly fundable Xanadu High Grid....with it's awesome venues still under digital construction.
I'm a BLACKWELL after all.

So, for the muggles, for now,
It's a business/greeting card generator app- ROLMBAO!
Muze Ackland Productions is in effect as I dig up all of the patents I'd claimed
since ohhhh ...1976 or so. 
The note that really started to piss me off was the one claiming I had an ADDICTION!
I showed the note to the manager, and asked her to end these interruptions and harassments.
I'd already done what I could do, so tell them to go do whatever, but now it's working a NERVE!
I AM extremely BUSY!
I didn't have all the information I needed because my eyes were under strain.
My computer was hacked, and my flow was shattered by this lagged out MICROSUCK
operating system we've been calling a virus since we lost DOS.
So, we're back to UNIX and at some point I'll get one of these turkeys up on whatever flavor they Linux jockeys support.  Somebody with a cup too full, wouldn't finish setting up my OpenSUSE, so it's been useless since I got here and that's why I left his ass behind.  .....and found a NEST of them...
In Washington the mall...with the Ali-G's and Tokyo Drift wannabe's.
I presented the business card idea and told them
"Dino's Rule the Net"
And some local pirates filled in some really kewl information in really cool kilts!
With Oregonian beards..  I freaking love good craftsfolk.
People ask me when I got here and where I've been...
I tell them I was basically held up in the sleep deprivation chamber at Motel Gitmo.
And yes, Stephen Col-BEAR, we might wanna think about NOT calling things "Square"
and passing themselves off as "progressive" at the same time....
And newbie Americans think all they have to do is move money
around and leave us to raise lots of babies for them to raise!
And that I'm the one who shouldn't have kids! 
Oh, really?
That's why I have to tell my daughter not to turn her nose up at "men" her own age!
She's a year older than you and would kick your skinny ass from here to kingdom COME!
And you'd like it too much, believe you me.
Oh no... take that rapey, turn my baby into some baby machine....yeah, she's TOO GOOD FOR YOU.
And because of you, she's going to have to marry a 35 year-old man!
In my current state, I could shot put his skinny ass from there to Denny's...
My little Kali ....smdh...  ROFLMBAO!
OH!  So that's why we called people "Turkeys!"  Well let me tell you something...
don't just roll up here in MY country moving money around... you better get some TALENT
and some BRAIN power... Does "Idiocracy" mean anything to you?

I'm having a space-station built based on Galaxy High... and Xenon
With physics engines, we'll have more realistic simulations for all kinds of nifty
happy worker scenarios...while our boxes get smaller and smaller?
No thank you.  I've already laid out several rough CAD scenarios and now we're networked to
work and play well together, without borders in the way of friendship and commerce.

Ya know how Jon McCain's arms don't go up?
all that video poker....
 n stuff...
I'm sure I could have followed a plan,
married a paycheck,
I went with potential
and under-estimated the 'g' factor.
as did many DNA contributors.

"Home" owners CAN be in several places at one time on Virtual World networks.
The project management on such a project is rather daunting,
but hardly impossible.
And just as I've woken up to see a virtual husband, crying, starving and peeing himself
alone in the house, with ghosts attacking him... while the bank has bajillion in currency,
the social experiment was crystal clear and no wonder Second Life beat the snot out of EA Games.

I'd learned from the 70s, how to make do on my own with 2 or 4 Mini-Me's by my side.
After Q Theory, that math was straight forward.
I went to a time-share thing with a friend from Bombay.
They were really pressing hard for me, over my friend and her husband,
who weren't going for it anyway. 
I wasn't legally divorced yet,
and he wasn't motivated to save the marriage to my satisfaction.
If it wasn't good enough for me, he wasn't good enough for any mini
version of me and here I was getting a rhinestone SPIDER for
my 30th birthday, delivered by my daughter, who thought it rather pretty.
Yes, it's the thought that counts...
WTF were you THINKING?

RCI were betting I couldn't pay it at some point, not that I could.
and 29K buys pretty much what it did 10 years ago
but the gas was about $1 / gallon.
The commute was slow, not there goes THAT differential.
Well, my knees don't bend so keep your knee pads...
I don't know when I started watching peoples lips to understand them,
but I still don't speak, "Little Bitch".

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