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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sailors in Disguise: Mary Anne Arnold

 I'll be getting back to THIS blog very soon! 
Still looking for images of "The True Love" (Master Gibbs to Master Blackwell in 1636)

The Unknown (Master Romsey) 

Sailors in Disguise: Mary Anne Arnold: The Charter , 29 December 1839

This is a notecard from an item I found at the OSG7BN region,
We are celebrating the 7th Birthday for OSGrid on the opensim 3D social network.


                    "House of Cards:
             The History of Social Networks
            Considered As A House of Cards"
                      Miso Susanowa


House of Cards is a Palace of Memory.

The theme and inspiration of this build is based on personal experience
in the growth stages of the social networking scene leading
up to the present virtual worlds & grids.

Beginning with the earliest BBS and MUD environments, through the
VRML and 2D progenitors of the mid-90s to the  current VWs, the
birth and growth of virtual worlds and communities is imagined as a
tenuous structure: a house of cards.

An Avatar has climbed these shaky and transitive platforms and is
reaching for the future hypergrid.


BUILDER'S NOTES - Only read if you are a fanatic or bored.

All of the worlds shown here are my own personal experience in the
growth of social networking. For those who do not know this
history, or those who wish to remember or reminisce, the following
Floor Keys might be useful:

1st Storey - Iron Age [The hardware-based stirrings of the net]

telnet, Kermit protocol, VT-100 Terminal Emulation, the Hayes AT
command set for modems, ASCII art, TCP/IP, Windows 3.1 on 5 1/4"
floppy disks, Trumpet Winsock, Usenet, ANSI, PINE, Galacticomm,
WWIV Mustang and various BBS boards, tinyMUD, Compuserve, Prodigy,
AOL and The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link), ProComm Plus,
L0ft Heavy Industries, Cult of the Dead Cow, Illuminati BBS, FreeDOS,
DR-DOS, CP/M, Chaos Computer Club.

2nd Storey - Steam Age [The laying of the railroad tracks]

Black Sun, Alphaworld, Cybertown, Cityspace, Maze Wars, Habbo,
Habitat, ICQ, The Palace, Virtual Places, Beverly Hills Internet
(Geocities), BarbieGirls, The Sims Online, ICQ

3rd Storey - Industrial Age [The present (mostly)]

Second Life, Inworldz, Blue Mars, Meta7, Hipihi, There, Entropia,
EVE Online, Metaplace, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxy, vSide, Moove,
Neverwinter Nights, Frenzoo, Sony HOME, Vivaty, IMVU, SpotOn3D,
Twinity , OSgrid.


The House's structure echoes the M-machine's transformation into
the demon Moloch in the Fritz Lang film 'Metropolis', whose society is
divided into two classes: one of planners/management and one of workers.
 The Avatar leaping free of the House is Maria.

The architectural inspiration for this piece derives not only from the
Tower of Babel in the film but also the Los Angeles California Temple
on Santa Monica Boulevard. The second largest Mormon Church in
the US and a well-known landmark for Angelenos, it is topped with
a 15-foot floodlighted statue of the Angel Moroni which is visible for miles.

The quotation on the top Hypergrid is From Stephen King's 'The Dark
Tower' - it is Jake Chalmers speaking to Roland Deschain of Gilead.

The House is both a fond homage to the long path I have taken
[along with the Net] in this growth towards the future, and a
warning that such technology and such worlds need not only
our honest and heartfelt critique but also our enthusiastic wonder
 and love to survive and grow.


This installation uses extensive sound as an integral part of the
experience and theme, so please have your SOUNDS channel enabled.

Featuring an original 14-track, 6-positional soundtrack based on
the sounds of computers, modems, teletype machines and telephones.


Thanks to Lani Global for scripting help.

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