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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

There is nothing I can do more today I think.
but organize my work in my defense. 
I'm STUCK because the family is SO IGNORANT!
Literally, it seems like the biggest punk of my life, for 30 years.
None of us know how well others are really doing, but they forgot why we started this whole social project.  It was to make up for what we lost after our networks broke up on AOL when they couldn't carry the load. 
After 1999, the industry lost their mission!
And when the lab opened for us to recreate our dreams and lay out plans for a better way to recover the madness that sucked up our realities....
We had to defend ourselves to people who too shortcuts and pulled the same nonsense that happened in the 70s.
We had a great plan to integrate commerce and passion, but it was still out of my budget.
The sandbox was all I could afford. 
The lab lost it's mission since '09, like you would NOT believe.
Meanwhile, I have to reboot my life again so please, second floor....or HIGHER.
Or I just go to guam for a vaca and restart this back in DC....back to ground zero
The family's 1964 apartment in SE DC, is gentrified and renting for 1300/mo.  My old house is showing it's worth 295,000.  The house looks lovely and I was happy it was bought by ballroom dancers.  I'm a little concerned about all those mirrors in the room with the ghost in it.
He was killed violently in DC before the addition was completed.
I doubt the neighbors knew that when they bought it.  I don't think anyone believed my sister,
and I never saw that shadow.  I just heard the breathing noise that seems to have been teaching me how to breathe through stress.
The area in DC was protected land (a reservation) for Black people who couldn't live in the burbs.
There's a Blackwell at CNN..  I've been kinda teasing him....while I organize
levittownblues websites.
We were Black republicans, very conservative until 40 years ago.
I had an irrational aversion to being topless by age 4.

I think his next move is to re-org Congress as CEO of USA, Inc..  like Ross Perot would have done.
or Hewlett and Packard, or any of those who had a lot of money and knew the good they could do with it.
I hope when this is done, the charities that do make the grade will be rolled in to some kind of agreement and things will be a lot better for everyone without the ridiculous SNAFU's in the way.
Thank you so much for your service, DAV, but the demarcation of charities has gotten WAY out of hand.

I had to go through this to understand why I have had so much heartache for so many people.
They sell our 3D digital CEMETERIES, when we can't afford to bury our dead properly!
The first www sites found many rainbow bridge sites for pet burials, when normal people couldn't afford them,
or lost their homes and left them behind.
I'm not even supposed to be worried about some EGO TRIPPING LIAR's demands
and you shouldn't be expected to be my sounding board due to my own ignorance.
Insurance to cover what insurances won't cover?
As I understand the demarc situation in my field,
I'm guessing you're long overdue for back pay, bumps in rate, mentoring people on what people like me don't have a clue about...
Truly.  I'm overwhelmed to learn this and will take a lousy credit ding if they REALLY wanna GO THERE>...
Ying and Yang, you know the way, but posers are reviled... and well..  we call people posing as ex-marines
or posing as honorable, "Burger King" because they can't "Have it YOUR way"
Teamwork..  yeah, we know that's the real truth.
So the burden on me and I know what I was doing, but not how I was perceived in explaining it in simple terms
as not actually being the Kobayashi Maru.
Men hate when they think women (and *.not them) can't handle things, so they make it harder...
Seriously, when I was the IRATE department, I wouldn't be surprised if some calls went viral...
for chits and giggles and nerdly fun.
I had a boss who heard one of my calls at EDS/System One .
I left that contract to Floriduh Power and Light.
...anyway I had my resume to the "manager" as a notary.
It seems like that title changes hands just like the Call-back-Queue "supervisor" duties we rotated to the team and everybody knows, and every gig does it, so....yeah.. 
if you know who you are, you really can't bitch about it.
I asked her to look at it, she refused (notary thing) 
And we are back to the conflict of interest where with so many notes around with so many titles, I have no idea who's on first and what's on second any ol' way.


So, yes, I had the right not to be harassed by people who think I don't deserve my disability pay.
I'm trying very hard to track down my resources and I don't need people fighting for their right to
cheat me out of the hard work I've gone through in order to get THIS far in my recovery.
We've been on this volunteer work for 10 years in 3D, but only because we never could afford the tools
or the ridiculous training required of us....and as it goes, so goes the nation!
So..  we use the best thing we have and that's the truth.....
I just had a laugh with a headhunter to see if they could help me find my 401Ks...
They still have time to stop this action against me. 
and it's the translation to 3D geek, www nerds and people who think the worst of me out of bigotries and forcing me into battles
with no regard for my true fight....
I have an old contractor's badge to prove it. 
I'd lost it years ago, but I made a commitment that doesn't expire and what I know should be common knowledge by now.
We laughed at the same World History text books as the Sweat Hogs and believe you me,
When Raygun went for school vouchers and McGraw Hill stood to profit so much,
And I was making those observations with my own peers ...
I knew the score, LONG before my own vice principal, Mr. McGraw, gave me the IQ test and I knew what I had to do.
I got HUGE props from the kids on the playground too.
TAG - Talented and Gifted IQ was 140 and up.
I hit a 138!
Boo and YAH!  I wasn't giving up the arts for any damned war machine.
I wanted to go into SPACE, but I knew they weren't educating me properly.
I was being educated in order to FAIL, not succeed.
And the hook is how they teach math wrong..

yeah, well... we got a PLETHORAH of apps for that...
I'm looking for my long lost 401Ks..
and ranting this out on
I'm putting out so many possibilities, they'll have to chase
me to where only my real friends know where I'll really be.
I know a trap when I see one...that's why the paperwork scares me.
I'm far too ignorant to fall to this bullying.  It's a JOKE! 
That's why Al Franken does pretty well, but votes kinda weird sometimes.
Heidi Heidkamp in Fargo had a starry-eyed gay following, it was adorable.
I have footage to share with her about the hell that was my move here.
Thanks so much!
I'm doing the best I can...and it's such a beautiful day!
sigh  we make things pretty because we have to, but the tools are not to be denied
when they are meant for everyone to pursue actual happiness, not just build plans for it, until the end of time..

For what they hide from people who know what CAN be,
it's the analysis of those who know how to learn and network with the truly passionate people
who were fortunate to get to their actual Churches.
For a scientist, it's a lab.
And I'm often caught with Einstein hair...
....when all I have to do is stand outside and let the rain do it's thing.

The bridge to Washington collapsed? *sheesh*
Years ago, the bridge on I-40 collapsed when I visited Oklahoma for the first time.
I think I know what to do. 
I don't think anyone was hurt....but how obvious is it that our foundations need
every Seabee-type  in the military on the job?
I got an A+++++ on that paper when I was in Devry around Chicagoland,
but I suppose the POTUS knows that. 
I'm not sure if that means stay or go this time either!
I doubt Devry wants me teaching this....

Yeah, maybe I'll take the hint...
People think living to perfect a gift of healing is evil, they can shove it.
Reiki is NOT a conflict and THIS Pope understands that!
I am a Reiki-do master, basically walking the walk....
as a SCOUT would.
Intention is everything, so don't project something so against my nature
And this is NOT what I mean by "Dino's rule the NET"

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