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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Politics Done Right - Left & Right Wings agree. No more war in Iraq? 06/21 by Coffee Party USA | Politics Podcasts

Politics Done Right - Left & Right Wings agree. No more war in Iraq? 06/21 by Coffee Party USA | Politics Podcasts

OK, I'm sitting in on this baby.  Setting all streams to listen in a virtual space to put me in the mood...  Boo and YA!
I'd better check and see what's online.  Xanadu's been a bit laggy, thanks to the Tweetstorm.  It's like running geeknation by remote control!  it seems they like me as their media rep for builders and content creators getting hosed AGAIN at every angle. 
This Prince George was born on SLASH's birthday, so yeah, let me be his tutor or something.  Fashion consultant?  Kewlness director? 
Come on HR, give me a TITLE!

They keep telling me, "You ARE the ONE!"
And I'm like..   NO...  it's just a song my band used to play when I was a squirt!
Yeah, well....  some folks need to think a little bit more bout to whom they squirt what if it ain't lethal!  If you shoot to maim.... well, the logic carries.
I was raised for battle, by a scout.
If you STEAL my legacy, I will TAKE my destiny....and as I recall, this AIN'T it! And that's why I chose the MOTHER, and whatever came and went with her.  Not who, under duress, made a FORGIVABLE mistake!
And why?  To lock a family to a religion?
Yeah...and NO!
Did the woman adopt me, hmm, shall we ask Hackensack, NJ?  or California, who has it's ass wiped by the east coast before it rolls over for it's latte?
So, the next person who says, "Perception is reality" from a pedestal they've put themselves on so high they can't see, hear, or know jack with a side of shit...
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,
However, acting as if facts were unknown, or if an agreement never existed when prior knowledge was amply given, leaves people who allow laws define their personhood rights open for a CIVIL SUIT!
....until the END OF the END of the END!
and the LAW was BROKEN!
If the law says it's legal to lie since 2003, that does NOT mean liability is excused or debts owed are un-owed, it means you are GUILTY AS HELL and exploited a LIE you KNEW!

So if you said "I do" and you "did NOT", and never had any intention of "DOING" or any lie that got him/her to commit to you.  And that means putting the best home you can in HER name where she can raise her children in the event of whatever killed him to PROVIDE for the family.
When faced with limited supplies of REAL men, a good woman settles for the best she can find....perhaps a friend or friend of the family with the hopes something good will come out of it.  "Well, at least we'll not have that fiscal problem and can grow to be friends or more...  comfortable will do"
And that man is supposed to be grateful as hell he'll have a companion and joyful for some rugrats to raise, to grow up and grow up in the community....with the people he loved growing up.  Chances are, if he's still around, he's likes where he is and wants to move forward.. and Dayenu!

Now, the Sabban women story about snagging brides was taught ALL WRONG!
Rape in the Bible was a WARNING to men that if you take her, you better be ready to KEEP HER until the end of time.  This was intended to make men think about the CONSEQUENCES of their desires!

A REAL woman runs from a man until she catches him!
A REAL man is supposed to chase her until she says "NO!"

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