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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

Lots of "music" died around that time.
What passes for music at any time in history,
.... one's mileage tends to vary,
And this is a GoOD THING!
Even if it's kinda weird,
There is a point of view being expressed.
And the artist is a teacher in this respect..
The arts communicate where words fail.
"Hey, this is what the people you don't know have to say...."
ignorant, sod... got me doing this contract work for scraps, when I got
better things to do while starving with my peers.. 
(Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance rant)
And Levy-towns (Levittown) was crying, "BLUE MEANIES"
(drunk/stoned talk for NO MIDI to record and promote themselves)
The suburbs rarely had "Fat Albert" junkyards to pick through,
kids had to buy stuff to make stuff and musicians had to pay for studio
production.  The chances of earning enough for the right gear, NOT a
Commodore Vic 20, locked in the study, and a Moog Prodigy playing
through your hifi.  As we can see now, the gripe was the same,
Naturally, we got an app for that.
Since I was a little brown-ginger, classical pianist/gamer/skater/,
Fame 2009, but I'm pretty sure I can't sing for crap, and my BFF, a
Spaulding, dreamed of swimming in the Olympics, so she was probably the
shortest life-guard you ever saw....wherever she worked. 
Had she
had title to her legacy, perhaps she wouldn't have been permitted to
train with a coach...but it didn't happen.  She does well-ish, however. 
I was hoping to follow her after the Navy, or go for NASA.  I knew what
was required, and I ain't got it....  so I decided I'd better kick butt
at something else...
But the ex decided he wasn't going to be an
architect and that was the PLAN we made while he was on the USS
Forrestal, from '87 to '91.  Too TOO many deadbeat dad's came off that barge.


The Jew-fro was a big hit in the day.
"that music" was a nice way to say what bigot's called "n-bomb music"
Elvis and the Beatles were accused of being lovers of the kind of music that challenged them to make people of color dance.
Chances are, if you pulled a Blurred Lines, we'd recognize the acknowledgement and <jump,twirl> or something...

there's so much to the song if you know African-American history....and
beyond slavery when our folks arrived on the 1635 "True Love"
And no, you STILL can't clone a Blackwell! 
And God still rocks, so moving right along.....

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