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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Memorial at Asteria on the Hypergrid

Welcome to Reminiscence ~ The Memorial at  Asteria

This information could be necessary for you to function here. I will be brief.  Please allow me candor and directness as
 I know you would like to get on with it..... so ...

Reminiscence ~ The Memorial at  Asteria,  Is a real life virtual memorial that everyone is free and welcomed to participate in.  To us, every Avatar
has a human being behind them with a life, identity and history. Regardless of whom we seem to be here in virtual. So, inevitably as with life... It has a start,
a history and a conclusion. Here is where we celebrate it all, in whatever manner the individual wishes to perceive it.

A. The White Sanctuary's. For Lost Loved ones.

B. For them that have gone to the Sea.  (Under Water)   Fishermen, Sailors and those that have worked the docks. They deserve it. 

C.  Dubrovna Park.  Obliviously understandable when you see it.

Three short items.

1. Traveling Asteria

The method of moving from area to area in Asteria is through teleport .  All around you there will be small pillar stands or books with pictures. 
Look at the picture and that is where the TP will take you.

NOTE!   FIRESTORM USERS.  There is a bug in the teleport on touch system. Please assure that you are NOT in mouse look view (through avi's eyes)
when touching the TP stands.   It has a tendency to lock up the viewer and the only way out is through Control, Alt and Delete.    If you are in Camera view,
(Panning around)  touching the TP stand it will not do that.

2. The Memorial Lutrins (Photo stands)

Touch the stand and it will give instructions in normal chat for placing a photo. To receive a candle for your loved one, touch the small candle holder dish on the stand. Receive the Candle, as its owner will then be you and place it on the holder.

Once your picture is loaded in the stand, touch it again and it will be displayed on the large screen, as well as the upstairs private rooms screen. Note the TP stand to get there.

Errors in picture loading.  The script takes the first photo in alphabetical order. If you do not like the one you have used, Example "My photo",  Rename another ... "A My photo" and it will be displayed instead.  Although please take care in your first choice, it tends to upset the scripts.

*If an error does occur, don't worry.  Just IM Zia Frimon or use the mail box in the center venue and we will take care of it. Please do let us know though if you would. It keeps things clean and working well. If you have any trouble, let us know. We are here to help and this place is for you, not us.

With Love and Respect to all...


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