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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fishbone - Lyin'ass bitch To John McCain

Algebra was the block for many young women pursuing science, engineering, education and technology fields.  The Space Race was fueled by blood money so it was heart-wrenching to know what they would do with our talents.
This was a huge hit on my way OUT of DC.  Class of '83 saw our senior GQ guys dressing like they were heading to board rooms,
*gag* A-a-a-a-algebra  classes.  I didn't do linear well if I thought
too much about it, AlgII only made sense when I was a sleep, so thank
GOD for trig.  It pulled my grade up and the math teacher is still
wondering why I couldn't do it awake.  He kept telling me to chillax,
because I knew it....WELL.  but couldn't write it down right.
He scolded me to appear awake after waking up to answer questions.
It was too funny by then.  I never flunked anything and I wasn't about to let backwards methods take me out.  I was like.
Dude, deal with the method, not my counter!
It was our block for the only way to science!
The boys books were too linear so, I rock it 3D, like me..
I still need to creative commons the crap out of this song!
Class of '83  Bowie HIgh and Bowie State BULLDOGS!
To the Square Pegs of Ray-gun-o-mix, the lying ass bitch was USA, Inc for raiding our survival benefits for college. 
This is what the guys did to their "Dress for Success" clothes.
When I returned to the Prince George's Country public school in Levittown after seeing what

Anne Arundel County had it's way with Xtianity, I put my foot down.
My social security benefits were sending me to a hate-filled ghetto,
I might as well take my chances.  I still didn't know I looked like Elizabeth Blackwell.
The photos I saw were of her as an old woman.  The recession has kids picking partners right out of high school if their college chances were shot.
I'd chosen Loyola, for obvious reasons, I was not encouraged to attend

Dad's GW alma mater.  Well, he had a few, so I checked out Creighton, Carnegie Mellon and whatever was in about a 500 mile radius.  Maryland U, was ridiculous.  The classes were often up to 300 students watching the instructor on closed cable.  smdh
With my music career in jeopardy, I chose Loyola.  Though it was too late to save my survival benefits, and only needed 2 classes to graduate, I decided I wasn't missing my senior year after being grounded through the year before.....  yeah, the ENTIRE junior year, for not making honor roll.

Yeah, yeah...upper middle class my ass.
London has the same thing going on around their Green Wall and I think about Harry Potter's neighborhood...  GADS!  *shudder*

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